February 16, 2024

What does a marketing account manager do?

Putting on the account management shoes


The account management team is a vital part of any marketing agency, but what do team members actually do on a day-to-day basis? This blog will take you through a day in the life of a marketing account manager at kdm communications, so you can put on their fabulous footwear and see our company from a different, insightful perspective.


Planning makes perfect

Every day is bustling with activity revolving around strategic planning, client communication and generally keeping kdm’s gears turning. Mondays always start with a team meeting, a crucial launchpad where priorities are discussed, ongoing campaigns are dissected, and updates are shared. This meeting informs the carefully crafted to-do list, which serves as a detailed roadmap for the rest of the week. Then, every day begins with a routine check of emails, setting the tone for the day ahead. Tasks range from routine assignments to more unusual tasks, encompassing everything from gathering information for marketing campaigns and ensuring activities stay on track – regarding both time and budget – to selecting target publications for press releases and pitching article ideas to relevant editors.


Liaising with clients

Collaboration with clients is at the forefront of account management, as campaigns, press releases and articles are fine-tuned. The team ensures that all the content we produce meets the client’s objectives and complements their existing material so that a cohesive image is presented to their customers. Simultaneously, feedback loops are closed by proactively reaching out to clients for task reviews, and communicating valuable suggestions back to the creative teams. Internal briefing calls are set up with writers to ensure that they know the objectives of every interview they conduct while designers receive detailed information on layouts and images. Monthly client update meetings act as a forum for more in-depth progress updates – presented via key performance evaluations including coverage and share of voice – as well as strategy discussions, budget tracking, insights into upcoming launches and the development of marketing collateral. Yearly reports give a comprehensive overview of all the activities and achievements, together with calculations of the return on investment.


Placing editorials and distributing press releases

An important part of the account management team’s work is liaising with editors to place articles in journals that reach the client’s target audience, positioning them as thought leaders, highlighting their innovative technologies and boosting brand awareness. This entails following up with all involved parties after the article idea is accepted by the journal: including the editor for the journal’s style guidelines and publication dates; kdm’s writing team for the generation of high quality content that meets the deadlines; and the client – plus any customers or collaborators – for overall content approval. Similarly, press releases are distributed through Agility PR Solution, with the account management team creating a bespoke distribution list targeted according to the topic of the release and the client’s marketing plan. Everything from formatting to accompanying images are double checked before sending releases off to ensure a polished presentation of client news. Meticulous organisation extends to server management, with team members making sure that every email, image and document is securely and logically stored.



The account management team serves as the first point of contact when the company phone rings and is also responsible for invoicing, demonstrating the versatility required in this fast-paced role. The team members consistently seek new avenues for clients to showcase their excellence, whether through participating in prestigious awards, attending impactful events, seizing speaker opportunities, contributing to highly relevant editorial features, or engaging with the press to build meaningful connections. With clients spread out across the globe, the team often needs to break language barriers, managing translations to different languages through external agencies or making the most of the multilingual capabilities at kdm. This dynamic role demands not only project management skills, but also an intimate understanding of each client’s unique needs and business goals. The account managers are trusted marketing advisors to our customers, fostering strong client relationships through strategic planning and exceptional service delivery.


Feel free to reach out if this blog has resonated with you and you would like to know more about what we can offer. Whether you’re eager to enhance your brand visibility, explore strategic marketing campaigns, or simply want to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your unique business needs, we’re here to help!

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