March 10, 2021

UPM Biomedicals and CELLINK form collaboration for groundbreaking 3D bioprinting developments

UPM Biomedicals is excited to announce its collaboration with bioconvergence company CELLINK. The partnership brings together UPM’s expertise for producing non-animal derived, nanocellulose biomaterials with CELLINK’s years of experience in method development for 3D bioprinting, offering new groundbreaking solutions to this growing life sciences market.


Advances in 3D printing in the past decade have been outstanding, and the technology is becoming more widely used for various cutting-edge applications. 3D bioprinting is already important in areas such as cancer research, where tumour models can be printed to test their response to different treatments. More recently, scientists have been exploring the use of this technology in a clinical setting, with the possibility of printing tissues or organs that can then be transplanted into patients. Using non-animal derived raw materials, such as UPM’s nanofibrillar cellulose, for bio-ink formulations makes transplants into humans much more effective, reducing the possibility of an immune response or rejection.


The collaboration of two strong partners, CELLINK and UPM, builds confidence in making these treatments into an industrial and clinical standard applied in a wider setting instead of remaining only within few hospitals.


“Our material is made from just nanocellulose and water, with no animal-derived components and no contaminants. We were the first ones to produce it in accordance with the standard ISO 13485 quality management of medical devices, which is a critical first step for future clinical applications. Together with our high-quality materials and CELLINK’s 3D printing capabilities, we will produce the future of regenerative medicine one drop at a time”, says Johana Kuncova-Kallio, Director of UPM Biomedicals.


“We were the first company to bring cellulose bio-ink to the market and partnering with UPM has opened up a world of possibilities. Companies need to work together to make an impact, and this collaboration is doing exactly that. We definitely see these technologies being used for tissue repair or replacement in the future, and that’s very exciting”, adds Erik Gatenholm, CEO of CELLINK.


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UPM Biomedicals

UPM Biomedicals is the forerunner in producing high quality nanofibrillar cellulose for medical and life science applications.

More than 300 patents protect the existing and future products that rely on the Finnish birch pulp. We actively collaborate with universities, research centers and key industrial partners on future innovations and products in the field of high throughput drug screening, personalized medicine, advanced cell therapies, 3D bioprinting, tissue engineering and advanced wound care.



We deliver renewable and responsible solutions and innovate for a future beyond fossils across six business areas: UPM Biorefining, UPM Energy, UPM Raflatac, UPM Specialty Papers, UPM Communication Papers and UPM Plywood. As the industry leader in responsibility we are committed to the UN Business Ambition for 1.5°C and the science-based targets to mitigate climate change. We employ 18,000 people worldwide and our annual sales are approximately EUR 8.6 billion. Our shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. UPM Biofore – Beyond fossils.

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Founded in 2016, CELLINK is the leading bio-convergence company in world that provides technologies, products and services to create, understand and master biology. With a focus on the application areas of bioprinting, multiomics, cell line development, and diagnostics, the company develops and markets innovative technologies that enable researchers in the life sciences to culture cells in 3D, perform high-throughput drug screening and print human tissues and organs for the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. CELLINK’s products are trusted by more than 1,800 laboratories, including ones at all the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, are being used in more than 65 countries, and have been cited in more than 1,600 publications. CELLINK is creating the future of medicine. CELLINK is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm under CLNK B.

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