November 2, 2022

Thought leadership: separating yourself from the pack

Advertising is near enough inescapable these days. You can’t even watch a five-minute YouTube video without it being repeatedly punctuated by a punishing stream of ads. Thinking of settling down to watch Great British Bake Off? Not without enjoying a delicious side dish of ad breaks you won’t. But, of course, this type of marketing works. After all, companies wouldn’t spend outrageous sums of money on it if it didn’t. However, we are all starting to become much more aware of being ‘pitched to’, and many of us can be put off by even the faintest whiff of promotional language. So, as an executive of a scientific, technical or medical company hoping to launch your latest product, what can you do to cut through the noise?

kdm communications is a strong proponent of ‘thought leadership’ marketing. Put simply, this aims to establish you – the author – as an expert in your field, outlining how you are tackling the big issues facing your industry, rather than simply pitching a product. It’s a tool that can really help boost your customer engagement, not to mention the fact that most trade magazines will publish such content free of charge. And trust us, it really works!

Still not convinced? Ok. Let us ask you this. Would you rather wade through a promotional piece that lists specification after specification of a new battery until you glaze over completely? Or would you rather read about the future of electric vehicles and how current lithium-ion technologies are likely to be usurped by a plucky new contender to the throne?

It’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

And that’s exactly how your customers will feel, especially since they’re a bunch of scientists and engineers with naturally curious minds. So, why not give it a try? Let thought leadership separate you from the pack and establish your company as top dog.

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