May 16, 2022

The science behind making life at a life science marketing agency great.

Coming from a large conglomerate to a hands-on life science marketing agency, my experience of how workplaces were run was skewed to a certain idea; lots of people, lots of hierarchy and lots of expectation to stay in your role.

This couldn’t be more different at kdm – from my first day it was immediately obvious that culture was important.

Now, 14 months in, I have had ample time to soak up what it is that makes kdm such a wonderful workplace, and why our positive culture is so important;


It’s not where you work, but how you work.

With people in France, Italy, Spain and all over the UK, coming into the office isn’t always feasible! However, with so much going on, everyone is left to work in a way that suits them best. The ability to do this in an environment that works for them, encourages us to do our best.


We can take the time to laugh.

Although we might have some colleagues separated by oceans and continents, our weekly kdm lunch Teams meeting gives us a solid 30 minutes to get in front of each other and build strong relationships in an informal setting.


The work-life balances runs through the entire agency.

Kdm is built on a great understanding that life is life, and things do happen – kids, parents, pets etc are all a valued extension of the kdm community, and we strive to take care of everyone. This flexibility allows the comfort to get life done as well as work.


We aren’t just colleagues, but friends.

We have some serious veterans at kdm, who have obviously made life-lasting friendships, and this environment is immediately palpable upon going into a kdm meeting/office space/training day. Everyone’s just lovely!


Help is always available.

Agency life is busy, but our Fridays have a general no calls rule. This allows us to easily get in touch with someone if needed, to catch up with answering things, get some reassurance, or just have a chat!


We make sure we praise a good job.

Our in-house newsletter is a chance for anyone to give praise when their colleague has done a good job.


People can describe the culture.

Keep your eyes peeled for an interactive answer to this!


Although we are an award-winning life science marketing agency, we think it’s our humanity that makes our team top notch!

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