Our team


Our amazing team is at the heart of kdm’s success. Together, we’ve helped our clients weather many a storm, and always manage to come out the other side with a smile on our face and a spring in our step. We also eat quite a lot of cake!

Annabel Sedgwick

Managing Director

With over 25 years of experience in B2B marketing, Annabel brings both strategic and creative thinking to the table.

Surrounding herself with PhD scientists and marketing experts, she has strengthened kdm’s offering over the last 18 years: an energetic agency with international reach that combines scientific understanding with marketing nouse, delivering integrated campaigns to clients across life sciences, medical and technical industries all over the world.

Annabel doesn’t really ‘do’ spare time – two children, three dogs, ducks, veg, chickens, cats and bees keep her family pretty busy at home on her small-holding in the heart of Cambridgeshire!

Sarah Khan

Account Director

Sarah left the world of lab research back in 2004, with a PhD in immunology from Imperial College tucked firmly under her belt, in the search of something more dynamic and exciting.

Now an account director with over 15 years of experience in B2B scientific, medical and technical marketing communications, she marries together a wealth of scientific experience and knowledge with a wide range of marketing expertise in order to understand each clients’ specific requirements.

She has a love of sports (most), food (lots of it), dancing (anytime) and her Disney-loving children (all the time)!

Sarah Ballard

Account Director

Sarah’s background is in embryology, having gained a PhD in London and then several years’ experience as a postdoc in Sydney.

After returning to the UK, she quickly realised that she was more interested in the communication of science rather than working in the lab herself. Sarah has been at kdm for 13 years, first as account manager then account director, so she understands her clients’ needs and knows their markets extremely well.

She has built strong relationships, handling whatever her clients throw at her to deliver projects on time and within budget, and exceeding expectations wherever possible. She has also got married, had two children and moved house twice in that time.

Jane Wallett

Head of Writing

Nearly 22 years of copywriting at kdm means Jane can no longer read books, look in shop windows, watch television credits and ads, or even open her post without proof-reading the world.

Her burgeoning OCD extends to hobbies too, planting tulips in a row and getting quite cross when stray wild flowers of the WRONG colour invade her garden borders. She attributes her varied workload, talking daily to fellow scientists whether they’re clients or customers (in English and German), and our close-knit kdm family to keeping her sane.

Jane is a bit of a mad cat woman, loves chocolate and rugby, and is planning to move house quickly without a forwarding address once her third child goes to university – two down, one to go!

Jan Le Mière

Senior Technical Writer

Hailing from the land of milk and potatoes (Jersey, in case you were wondering), Jan is only kept around for heavy lifting. Combining a background in biochemistry and biotechnology with an (un)healthy obsession with taking things apart to find out how they work, he is equally at home talking to our clients and their customers about automotive design or educational toys as he is about molecular biology or clinical diagnostics. Outside of the office, Jan’s interest in horsepower (engines and, indeed, horses), means that he spends far more time outdoors than is advisable in the British climate.

Annette Ginn

Senior Technical Writer

Having grown up in Newmarket, it was perhaps inevitable that Annette would adopt a career connected with the racing industry – putting science into practice to develop new drug screening methods to help beat potential horse dopers! After 28 years in the laboratory, acquiring a chemistry degree and a pharmacy PhD along the way, a change of career beckoned and, today, this combination of in-depth knowledge and practical experience is put to good use writing technical and marketing material for clients across a broad spectrum of scientific fields. Away from the office, any spare time is likely to involve playing sport, country walks with the dog or pottering in the garden – ground elder will be eliminated somehow!

George Kelly

Technical Writer

George is a long-since graduated marine biologist with zero career experience within marine biology. From retail, to the non-household water market, to postgraduate research, to KDM he’s had his fair share of p45s! It didn’t take George long to realise that he wanted to pursue a career in science communications, after realising his partner had a better job than he did, now this has flipped 180 and he reminds her every day.


As a relatively new dog owner, his varied hobbies include; playing with his dog, feeding his dog, loving his dog, training his dog, walking his dog, and spoiling his dog.

Lucy Baker

Technical Writer

Lucy completed her master’s degree with hopes of becoming a microbiologist, but she soon realised that she couldn’t bear to stare at another petri dish. Instead, she pursued a career in science communication, which took her from working in a safari park to a museum and rediscovering her love for writing at kdm communications. Starting with us during a global pandemic was pretty daunting for Lucy, but she was able to adapt quickly to a busy routine, confidently applying her life sciences knowledge each step of the way. Lucy is a keen nature lover; when she’s not writing, you’ll probably find her walking her dog or (hopefully) swimming in the ocean somewhere warm, with dreams of owning a whole of herd of rescue animals one day.

Gemma Pearce

Technical Writer

Gemma’s scientific background started in Biochemistry and a PhD looking at cell signalling in platelets in response to snake toxins – luckily she didn’t have to handle the snakes! Gemma spent 12 years researching conference programmes for the pharmaceutical, food and nutrition industries,  developing a particular focus on the microbiome. As a distraction in between the talk of bacteria she enjoyed a couple of years working on a wine conference too and was lucky to visit some of the world’s beautiful wine regions! Gemma made the jump to science and medical marketing communications to combine her interest in science with a love or writing. When not at her computer Gemma is busy with her 2 kids and joining in their enjoyment of baking, dancing and bike rides in the countryside.

Sam Porter

Technical Writer

Sam comes from the land down under, where his background in microbiology (and yes, even the microbes speak funny there!) led him to market research and pharmaceuticals before finding scientific communications. When he’s not writing, or with his head buried in a book, you’ll find him exploring the mountains from his home in the French Alps, enjoying a spot of tennis or planning his next surf vacation (which has become more of a dream than reality).

Arpita Gangwani

Technical Writer

Dr Arpita Gangwani is an obstetrician and gynaecologist from India, with over 13 years of surgical and clinical experience. She was recently diagnosed with burnout and was put on an experimental treatment – LSD – Learning to Slow Down. Strange, what this can do to a person, she decided to write. She is on her way to discover a definitive cure, hoping for a miracle! She is keen to experience the impact of science in ways other than prescribing medicines or operating. Apart from work, she enjoys home food (cooked and served by her lovely husband), travelling, and running (after her cat and daughter).

Jude Arokianathar

Technical Writer

Jude grew up in London after moving from Sri Lanka at a very young age. The song “Hey Jude” follows him everywhere, even up north, in St Andrews where he completed a PhD in organic chemistry. He has previously worked as a chemist at AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline and a drug discovery CRO. Away from work, Jude enjoys keeping fit by going on long walks, runs and even making gains at the gym, when it is open. His curiosity for various topics means that he watches a lot of interesting documentaries, podcasts and motivational videos on Netflix and YouTube.

Daria Jones (Dasha)

Technical Writer

Daria (called Dasha by friends and family) is a physicist who recently moved to the UK with her husband.

She is currently one of the few people on the team who is dog-less. She was very sad that a puppy was not included in the contract! When she is not daydreaming about puppies Dasha loves to play boardgames and enjoys working out and playing Volleyball.

Rebecca Quine

Account Manager

Becca is kdm’s resident marine biologist, having studied Marine Biology, Ecology and Conservation at university before heading to an environmental consultancy to work as a marine taxonomist. While there she spent her days either in the lab identifying marine and estuarine macrofauna and flora, or out on survey collecting samples. After five years of getting very muddy she decided it was time for a change and moved into the exciting world of marketing. Becca’s spare time is now filled with doing up her new house and learning to love gardening – all tips are welcome!

Annette Barnard

Account Manager

Annette’s way into communications took a few detours. Having finished a degree in intercultural communication, she embarked on a Master’s degree in economics, hoping to make sense of the world’s financial markets. This journey took her from Germany to South Korea and on to the UK, where she decided to settle – at least until she can convince her husband to move somewhere sunnier! Annette joined kdm after working in the media industry for several years, and feels she is finally able to combine her organisational skills (aka a love for to-do lists and Excel spreadsheets) with her passion for communicating. Annette’s bucket list consists mainly of travelling the world, and one of the highlights so far has been seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Audrey Jestin

Account Manager

Audrey is our French speaker! Previously, she worked in the licensing industry, dealing with Star Wars™, Minions and Teletubbies merchandise for seven years, until she completed a marketing course to start a new exciting career. When she is not in the office, Audrey travels around the world or enters cooking and crafts competitions, and you can frequently find her sprucing up her garden or binge-watching Netflix!

Anna Corniani

Account Manager

Anna is a self-confessed travel addict! It started at uni where her Language and Communications degree took her to both Italy and France and then the UK and her beloved Cambridge for the following years. Being surrounded by loads of international people has been a really good exercise to keep Anna’s brain in permanent over-drive and she is able to switch easily from English to French to Spanish and German and back to Italian.  Anna is currently based in Italy and immersed in the world of digital marketing and social media. She always has a suitcase at hand (pre-packed of course), and is ready to go wherever her work and fascination with languages takes her.

Jake Stevens-Hoare

Media and Marketing Executive

Jake is the one who collected and checked all the bios and pictures for everyone else, so by the time he had to write his own, he wasn’t so sure what to put. When he first joined kdm, he saw that many of his colleagues proudly had their scientific PhD’s in their email signatures- he considered putting Jake Stevens-Hoare, GCSE in his own, to answer any questions about his own science background, but has yet to find the time. A keen new marketer, when not working Jake is likely to be found listening to music, shopping for vintage clothes or daydreaming about his next holiday.

Tom Hughes


Skilled and passionate video editor with 10 years experience working on short films, documentary material and corporate video content.

Daniel Laycock

Account Executive

Our Account Executive, Daniel has over 10 years of experience working for the retail sector, technology solutions, political campaigns, and charitable organisation.


When his not in the office, his either reading up on history, being addicted to the remake of Doctor Who, visiting the theatre and seeing on-and-off West End shows or travelling to some exotic place (when we can).

Neil Carrington

Account Executive and Office Manager

Our Office Manager, Neil Carrington, has over 30 years of experience working for commercial and charitable organisations. After spending much of his early career as a braille transcriber and proof-reader, he now specialises in document control systems and ensuring that everything is in its place – both online and in the office! When not at work, Neil can usually be found down at his local athletics track where he not only coaches, but also competes, in the triple jump event. In recent years he has represented Great Britain at World and European Masters championships as well as becoming National Champion in his age group.

Alice Goldfinch

Graphic Designer

Alice joined kdm shortly after finishing their Masters degree in Graphic Design and Typography at Cambridge School of Art. Before working at kdm, they gained a wealth of experience as an in-house designer in a variety of sectors, such as; software, education, and architecture. Outside of work, Alice enjoys crafting bits and bobs, going for walks, and lifting heavy things. They are also currently working their way through a very large stack of science fiction novels.

Debra Colvin

Finance Manager

Debra originally trained as a classical singer before moving into the finance department of the London Symphony Orchestra. She followed this with 16 years at investment banks Credit Suisse and UBS in Middle Office control functions. When not working, Debra can usually be found in her large garden and, in the summer, camping in France. Annabel concluded she’d chosen a most suitable employee when Debra let slip that she keeps a spreadsheet detailing the contents of her two freezers!