Our team


Our amazing team is at the heart of kdm’s success. Together, we’ve helped our clients weather many a storm, and always manage to come out the other side with a smile on our face and a spring in our step. We also eat quite a lot of cake!

Annabel Sedgwick, BA(Hons)

Managing Director

Annabel has been heading up the team at kdm communications since 2002, with a strong and dynamic leadership style that brings inspiration and confidence to those around her. Her impressive strategic thinking skills and creative flair have been the driving force behind the company’s transformation from a small, niche business to an energetic, full service international marketing agency. She has over 30 years of experience in B2B marketing, and has developed an uncanny instinct for getting to the heart of what clients need. Alongside her vibrant, diverse and multilingual team, she develops innovative and successful digital marketing strategies that combine brand awareness with lead generation.

Annabel has personally worked with many clients from across the biotech, life sciences and healthcare sectors, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Abbott, GE HealthCare, Sony, INTEGRA Biosciences, Illumina, Tecan, Roche and Fujifilm. She brings an engaging and positive attitude to each and every client interaction, and is always open to new conversations at the many exhibitions and conferences that she attends.

Outside of the office, Annabel is partial to a bit of pond dipping – we’re talking full-body immersion! She continues to tout the benefits of cold water swimming to her colleagues, but they don’t seem to have warmed to the idea of taking a sledgehammer to the ice and plunging in during the winter months… Watch this space, as Annabel can be very persuasive.

Sarah Khan, PhD

Digital Marketing Director

Sarah left the world of lab research in 2004 to search for something more dynamic and exciting, with a BSc (Hons) in biochemistry and physiology from the University of Sheffield, an MSc in immunology and allergy from the University of Nottingham and a PhD in immunology from Imperial College London tucked firmly under her belt. She has moved up the ranks at kdm communications from Account Manager to Account Director, and is now the company’s resident Digital Marketing Director. Her ability to lead internal teams, as well as her expertise in digital marketing, have grown significantly over the years. She holds a CIM professional diploma in marketing from Bedford College and is also currently completing a digital marketing course at Imperial College Business School.

Sarah marries together an abundance of scientific experience and knowledge with significant marketing expertise to develop winning marketing strategies for a wide range of clients. She is skilled in understanding clients’ specific requirements, defining their objectives and goals, outlining successful marketing strategies, and developing brand awareness and lead generation tactics, in order to optimise their spend for the greatest return on investment.

Sarah enjoys watching and playing sports, is a self-confessed foodie and is usually the first person on the dance floor at the kdm socials. She can regularly be found kayaking on the river in St Neots, playing badminton, racking up the miles on the cross trainer in her garage, or spending time with her two beloved children, who keep her sane in the chaos that is life!

Sarah Ballard, PhD

Client Portfolio Director

Sarah has a background in embryology, having gained a BA (Hons) in natural science from the University of Cambridge, followed by a PhD in developmental biology from the National Institute for Medical Research in London. She also spent several years as a postdoctoral researcher at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney, and at the Babraham Institute in Cambridge. Sarah transitioned to scientific marketing in 2005, bringing her extensive scientific, technical and medical knowledge to the team at kdm communications. She then expanded her marketing knowledge further by completing a CIM professional diploma in marketing from Cambridge Marketing College.

Sarah’s ongoing professional growth has since led to her transition from Account Manager to Account Director and, most recently, to Client Portfolio Director within the company. Along the way, she has developed a compassionate, motivational and supportive leadership style and built strong relationships – both internally and externally. She understands her clients’ needs well, and is adept at handling whatever is thrown at her to deliver projects on time and within budget, exceeding expectations wherever possible.

Sarah is as passionate about staying active as she is about work, and her exercise routine – which includes tennis, circuit training and Pilates – is designed to keep her strong and fit enough to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities with her children. She especially enjoys walking, cycling, paddle boarding and camping, and makes these hobbies a regular part of family life. Sarah also loves globe-trotting and experiencing a variety of cultures, cuisines, languages and architectural styles.

Jane Wallett

Content and Quality Director

Jane has more than 27 years of copywriting experience, but she began her career in a very different environment – an NHS clinical diagnostics laboratory. She studied a BSc in biomedical sciences at Birmingham City University, and completed her placement hours in a range of pathology disciplines in Cheltenham General Hospital, before landing a job in the clinical haematology department. She later moved into the commercial world for a while – working as a marketing assistant in a diagnostics company – and moved to Germany for several years before moving into the world of scientific writing.

Today, Jane heads up the writing team at kdm communications, ensuring that only the highest quality written materials reach our clients. She has also been a mentor to many of the writers, who all value her broad scientific and marketing knowledge. While her precise attention to detail may be ideal in a copywriting environment, it unfortunately means that she can no longer read books, look in shop windows, watch television, or even open her post without proofreading the world!

Jane’s burgeoning OCD extends to her hobbies too, and she can often be found planting tulips in a row – and getting quite cross when stray flowers of the WRONG colour invade her garden borders! She attributes her varied workload, our close-knit kdm family, her multitude of four-legged friends, and her daily dose of chocolate to keeping her sane.

Jan Le Mière, MBiochem

Editor in Chief

Jan left the land of milk and potatoes – Jersey, in case you were wondering – to pursue a life in biochemistry and biotechnology. In fact, a career in science communications wasn’t at all what he was aiming for when he completed a master’s degree in biochemistry at the University of Bath. After a few years spent in a research lab, Jan realised that while his passion for science prevailed, he really didn’t enjoy failed experiments. So, he turned to copywriting, which is essentially a highlights reel for science – only the successful experiments and innovations are shouted about.

Jan’s innate ability to quickly grasp new subject matter, understand the key benefits of products, translate complex concepts into text that anyone could understand, and tailor client messages to suit different communication channels and audiences is what makes him an excellent writer. His role at kdm communications is Editor in Chief, and the entire writing team values his incredible ability to organise and assemble their often-rambling drafts into clear and succinct material.

He has an (un)healthy obsession with taking things apart to find out how they work, and is equally at home talking to our clients about automotive design or educational toys as he is about molecular biology or clinical diagnostics. Jan’s interest in horsepower – in the context of both engines and equines – means that he also spends far more time outdoors than is advisable in the British climate.

Annette Ginn, PhD

Senior Technical Writer

Annette grew up in Newmarket, and so it was perhaps no surprise that she initially pursued a career associated with the horse racing industry. Annette joined the Horseracing Forensic Laboratory after completing her A levels and spent 28 years in the lab, developing new drug screening methods to help beat potential horse dopers and contributing to numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Along the way, she obtained Graduateship of the Royal Society of Chemistry and completed her PhD in pharmacy from King’s College London, nurturing her ability to precisely communicate scientific information and build client relationships.

Annette joined kdm communications in February 2010, putting her combination of in-depth scientific knowledge and practical experience to a different use – writing technical and marketing material for clients across a broad spectrum of scientific fields. She is also a master proofreader, with an eye for detail that is applauded by the rest of the content team!

When she is not writing, Annette spends her spare time – and energy – on the badminton court. She is also a film fanatic, and enjoys a trip to the cinema after work. Her musical streak is evidenced by the trombone and tenor horn that still hold pride of place in her home.

Sam Porter, BSc

Content Team Lead

Sam comes from the land down under, where he completed a BSc degree majoring in microbiology at Monash University in Melbourne. His background in microbiology then led him to market research and pharmaceutical sales, and his career path took him halfway across the world – to the beautiful mountains of Chamonix – before he discovered the world of scientific communications. He initially entered the industry as a freelance writer, working across various sectors such as technology, science, sports and hospitality, and gaining a level 4 diploma in copywriting from the College of Media and Publishing in the process.

In 2021, Sam brought his wide array of scientific knowledge and breadth of writing experience to kdm communications. He joined the company as a Technical Writer, and he has since progressed in his role, taking on a leadership position in the writing team. His strong interpersonal skills have led to notable professional relationships with a range of clients – including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Basel Area Business & Innovation and Tecan – who rely on Sam and his team to produce high quality content ranging from email and landing page copy to press releases and case studies.

Sam thanks his lucky stars for the ability to write remotely, and the other writers are all jealous of his picturesque, high-altitude habitat in the French Alps. When he’s not writing, you’ll find Sam exploring the mountains with his family, enjoying a spot of tennis or planning his next surf vacation.

Lucy Baker, MSc

Content Team Lead

Lucy completed her MSc in biological sciences with hopes of becoming a microbiologist, but she soon realised that her passion lay more in science communications than generating lab results. After graduating from the University of Sheffield, Lucy built up a wealth of work experience in a variety of sectors – including microbiology, zoology, academia and education – by working in laboratory supply chain management, in a science museum and even in a safari park!

In December 2020, Lucy rediscovered her love for writing when she joined kdm communications as a Technical Writer. Her talent for producing excellent written work and her ability to build strong professional relationships with a diverse group of clients have since led to a promotion to a management position within the writing team. Her list of notable professional achievements also includes helping to prepare a peer-review paper about CPE management in NHS hospitals, leading a project to improve the SEO of a client’s website, contributing to a video filmed at Addenbrooke’s Hospital about MRI scanners in research, and attending a dinner to celebrate a client winning a Queen’s Award. On top of all her other responsibilities, Lucy is also one of three MHFA-registered mental health first aiders within the kdm team.

When she is not writing, Lucy enjoys spending her time in nature – particularly swimming in the ocean on a hot summer’s day! She can often be found walking her dog, and she dreams of owning a whole of herd of rescue animals one day.

George Kelly, MSc (Hons)

Social Media Manager

George is a long-since graduated marine biologist with zero ocean-related work experience. Instead, he followed up his MSc (Hons) degree in marine biology from the University of Southampton with a variety of roles – in the retail sector, as a market design analyst in the non-household water supply market and in postgraduate research, co-authoring a paper published in Nature. After accumulating his fair share of p45s, and realising that his partner had a better job than he did, George moved into the world of science communications.

George began his career at kdm communications as a Technical Writer, but soon realised he had a knack for social media content creation. His skills include data analytics and visualisation, algorithmic coding, and proficiency in Microsoft Office, ArcGIS and QGIS. George has built his role as Social Media Manager from the ground up – with no ‘formal’ prior training on social media marketing – demonstrating his resourcefulness and creativity. There is no one better qualified to look after our clients’ socials!

George is joined hand-in-paw with his beloved German Shepherd, who accompanies him almost everywhere. In between feeding, training, exploring, running around with and spoiling Tiko – as well as co-curating his canine instagram account (@tiko.the.GSD) – George has little time for anything else, and he wouldn’t have it any other way!

Gemma Pearce, PhD

Technical Writer

Gemma’s scientific background began with an MBioc in biochemistry from the University of Oxford and a PhD in medical sciences from the University of Birmingham, during which she investigated cell signalling in platelets in response to snake toxins. Luckily, she didn’t have to handle the snakes! She went on to spend 13 years as a conference producer, predominantly for the pharmaceutical, food and nutrition industries. As a distraction from all the talk of microbiomes and bacteria, she also enjoyed a stint working on a wine conference, and was lucky to visit some of the world’s beautiful wine regions!

Gemma made the jump to science and medical marketing communications to combine her interest in science with a love for writing. She is a talented and meticulous writer, and she enjoys producing scientific and technical content for clients across a diverse range of media and fields. Her most notable achievement at kdm communications to date was leading a large project for Beckman Coulter, a global leader in clinical diagnostics.

Gemma is a proud mum to two children and a puppy. While her role as chief puppy trainer currently occupies most of her spare time outside of working hours, she also frequently joins in with her kids’ enjoyment of baking, dancing and bike rides in the countryside.

Antonia Jančálková (Tonia), MSc

Technical Writer

Tonia dreamed of becoming an environmentalist – living off-grid in the rainforest and conducting world-changing studies – when she was younger. However, after completing a BSc in biological sciences, specialising in zoology, at the University of Edinburgh, and an MSc in conservation biology at the University of Kent, she realised that a lifetime in research was not for her, and also that she couldn’t live without electricity and running water for more than a day.

Tonia worked in publishing, horticulture and ecological reporting for several years before she decided it was time to make the leap to scientific communications and marketing. Along the way, she developed her skillset by becoming a trained TEFL teacher, and by obtaining certifications in Microsoft Office, copywriting and SEO. She joined the writing team at kdm communications in February 2022, and she has worked on over 340 projects so far! She has also attended several trade shows to actively gain new customers, and is adept at dealing with even the trickiest of client requests.

Tonia currently lives in the Czech Republic, and enjoys exploring the countryside and local history in her (non-existent) spare time. She is a self-taught scholar of foreign languages, and she keeps her fingers green by cultivating plants on her balcony and tending to the semi-jungle inside her home.

Aimee Fuller, MSc

Technical Writer

Aimee’s curiosity and love for all things science related led her on a path of study that included completing a BSc in life sciences – with a double major in physiology and psychology – followed by a BSc (Hons) in physiology at the University of Stellenbosch. After realising that her future would not manifest itself within a petri dish, Aimee relocated from the beautiful winelands of the Western Cape to the UK to pursue a new challenge of completing an MSc in physiotherapy at Sheffield Hallam University, and gained experience in the fields of women’s health, mental health, elderly care and neurorehabilitation.

Aimee has worked in a range of environments – including a wine cellar, as a personal trainer in a commercial gym and on a busy hospital ward – but none of these roles sparked her interest like science communications. At kdm communications she relies on her breadth of scientific and healthcare knowledge, combined with her creativity, to produce high quality written materials for a range of clients including Binding Site, Laetus, Ingenza and Abbott. She also appreciates the extra perks associated with a career in writing, such as an excuse for an extensive, colour-coordinated assortment of stationery!

Although she occasionally misses the South African sun, Aimee has developed a new love for exploring the English countryside, and would love to be accompanied by a canine companion on her adventures one day. She also enjoys working out, playing rugby, socialising with friends, enjoying delicious foods and expressing her artistic skills through drawing and playing the piano.

Mike Bull, BSc (Hons), PGDip

Technical Writer

Mike dreamed of being a rock star for many years, before realising that there isn’t much demand for a mediocre guitarist. Instead, he switched music for machines, and pursued a BSc (Hons) in physics and space research at the University of Birmingham, followed by a PGDip in machining science at the University of Sheffield. Mike spent the best part of a decade working – and crying – in the aerospace manufacturing sector, taking on a variety of roles including that of a research and development engineer, PhD researcher, associate lecturer, research manager and business development executive. However, it wasn’t until he found the Technical Writer role at kdm communications that he truly felt a love for his job, and finally discovered what he wants to be when he grows up!

Mike’s background in engineering and technology has added a unique dimension to the writing team, and he has also expanded his knowledge of the life science and medical fields along the way. He has worked on major accounts such as Thermo Fisher Scientific and Tecan and is the lead writer for Physik Instrumente (PI), a leading manufacturer of precision positioning technology.

His love for music – and especially the Arctic Monkeys – persists to this day, and he daydreams about guitars almost constantly. Mike has two young kids, which means he doesn’t get much time to play anymore so, until retirement beckons, daydreaming will just have to do.

Daria Jones (Dasha), MSc

Technical Writer

Dasha is a physicist at heart, having completed a BSc and MSc in the subject at Linköping University, before moving to the UK with her husband to pursue a science communications position. She has been a full-time member of the writing team at kdm communications since March 2021 and, alongside this role, she is in the process of finalising her PhD thesis from the University of Gothenburg, which revolves around the simulation of chemical reactions occurring in the interstellar media.

Building relationships with a wide range of clients in the life science, technology and healthcare sectors has helped Dasha to expand the breadth of her knowledge beyond the realm of physics. She is skilled at coming up with creative new ideas to help increase her clients’ visibility and build trust in their brand, and she prides herself on producing varied, accurate and engaging written work. Her favourite achievement at kdm has been creating content for client websites that accurately represents their identities and values, giving their customers a comprehensive overview of what each company has to offer.

Dasha is currently one of the few people on the team who is dog-less. She was very sad that a puppy was not included in the contract! When she is not dog sitting or daydreaming about puppies, Dasha can be found playing boardgames or volleyball, and working out at her local CrossFit gym.

Audrey Jestin

Digital Marketing Manager

Audrey worked in the licensed merchandising industry with global brands – such as Disney, Universal Studios and the Olympic Games – before joining kdm in 2017.

Audrey’s role at kdm has progressed a few times over the years. She worked on many successful PR campaigns, press relations and product launches, before moving to the Digital Marketing department. As a certified marketing professional, she has extensive experience in developing data-driven marketing campaigns and strategies that meet clients’ objectives and ensure the best possible return on investment. She is also kdm’s resident French speaker!

Audrey’s creativity has helped her to win many competitions over the years, including a food photography competition with the Sunday Times. She can also usually be found renovating her home and documenting the progress on Instagram for her followers to see!

Annette Barnard, Diplom

Digital Production Manager

Annette loves to be busy and enjoys a challenge, character traits that caused her to enrol in two courses simultaneously while at university! Her ambitious nature left her graduating with a BA in intercultural communications, as well as a German Diplom – the equivalent of a bachelor’s and master’s degree – in economics from the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, specialising in the areas of health economics and economic ethics. After leaving university, she gained experience working for different NGOs and was even accepted into a UNESCO researcher programme. Annette lived in Germany, the US and South Korea, before finally deciding to settle in the UK.

Annette joined kdm communications in 2017, after gaining more than five years of experience in the media and PR industries. She has since progressed through the ranks from Account Executive to Account Manager and her current role as Digital Production Manager, which perfectly combines her organisational abilities with her passion for creative communication and high quality work. Annette manages kdm’s production jobs, and has organised, attended and directed several video shoots for clients in the UK and abroad. She is experienced in event organisation and supporting our clients in website development and relaunches. She is also kdm’s resident German native speaker.

Annette is a busy mother of two but, in her occasional free time, she enjoys a bit of DIY around the house. Her bucket list consists mainly of travelling the world, and one of her highlights so far has been seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Matt Rowe

Head of Design

As Head of Design, Matt is responsible for the creative output of the kdm communications studio, where he constructs unique and striking visual scientific marketing content. He has a proven track record of devising tailor-made B2C and B2B marketing solutions in both public and private sectors, including managing his own creative design agency for more than 17 years.

Matt’s vision and innovation is integral to kdm’s design services, as he confidently produces everything from html emails to complete brand development projects with a sense of flair and ingenuity. He has a talent for distilling complex information with visually appealing and compelling graphics to make it accessible to a range of audiences, and his specialities include brand design, website architecture, exhibitions, packaging and design, as well as production of annual reports, case studies, brochures and many more.

Matt originally hails from Cornwall in the UK, but he decided to escape the miserable British weather once and for all in 2012 in favour of the South African sunshine. Matt loves to spend as much time outdoors as humanly possible, and regularly enjoys trail running – plus the occasional marathon – in addition to cycling and getting utterly thrashed at tennis by his son.

Stacey Storbeck Nel


Stacey is a freelance graphic designer. She has won multiple awards during her career in the areas of advertising and publishing, and brings over 25 years of design experience to the digital marketing team at kdm communications.

Stacey’s passion for design is visible through a high-quality portfolio, filled with an unlimited scope of creative and original projects, and her dedication to achieving perfect results for her clients. Her vast experience in the industry, attention to detail, excellent management skills, and ability to work well under pressure – on multiple projects and with tight deadlines – are key to Stacey’s success.

Stacey is lucky enough to spend her time outside of office hours in the warm and temperate Cape Town climate! She enjoys outdoor activities like walking on the beach and bike riding, and can also often be found reading, baking, practising yoga and completing creative art projects with her two children.

Dan Young

Web Developer

Dan graduated with a degree in Graphic Communications in 2003 and began his career working in graphic design, specialising in screen based graphics. He quickly moved into interactive media and has been working as a web designer and full stack web developer for over 20 years.

Dan has extensive experience in UX and UI design, and advanced knowledge of front-end web technologies including HTML, CSS, jQuery and server-side languages, including PHP and Python. He also specialises in custom WordPress development, hosting and maintenance.

When not buried in web code Dan can be found outside somewhere with his young family, running, paddleboarding, or at a farmers market operating his BBQ street food stall.

Matteo Borghi

Videographer & Drone Operator

Matteo is a passionate videographer with an eye for detail, whose main goal is to create stunning footage from both an artistic and technical point of view, whether shooting a documentary or a commercial. He’s also a skilled animator, and illustrator and recently became a certified drone pilot.

Before starting his career as a videographer, he spent five years working as a PADI and SSI SCUBA diving instructor, diving and travelling around the globe.

Please don’t ask him if he likes pizza with pineapple, because he doesn’t.

He also finds writing about himself in the third person quite weird.

Tom Hughes-Faulkner, BA

Video Editor

Tom is a skilled and passionate video editor who completed his BA in film and TV education at Anglia Ruskin University. His keen eye for detail and unique, creative mindset enable him to bring a story to life. He has also accumulated a wealth of experience from over 10 years of freelance video editing on short films, documentary materials and corporate video content, and is thoughtful with every edit.

Tom is a true asset to kdm communications’ digital marketing team, as he continues to grow the company’s video and motion graphics capabilities. During his time here, he has fleshed out his editing skills, learnt new motion graphics skills with After Effects and developed 3D animation skills with Blender.

Tom’s creative spark is not confined to office hours; he also makes short films with his friends in his spare time! When his imagination is not running wild, he enjoys watching movies, playing computer games, and caring for his five cats.

Oggi Tomic

Filmmaker and Photographer

Oggi Tomic is BAFTA winning Cambridge and London based filmmaker and director with over 15 years experience working on projects in the USA, UK, Pakistan, Europe and more besides.

Specialising as a cinematographer and director, his portfolio extends across promotional, documentary, broadcast and corporate films, alongside a range of social and branded content for clients including the BBC, Google, Buckingham Palace, Sony Europe, University of Cambridge and Barclays Finance. Using his background in documentary, he takes pride in delivering high-end results with an economical production footprint.

Oggi is the recipient of numerous awards, a two-time BAFTA Scotland winner and BHFF NYC award for his documentary “Finding Family” and was awarded Best Travel Photo by The Telegraph.  His photography has been published globally by National Geographic, The Times and The Independent.

His approach is always flexible, personal, reliable and collaboration is at the core of his creativity. Being based in Cambridge he frequently works with clients across Europe, in central and eastern England, whereas London and the South East is easily accessible, often at short notice.

Anna Corniani, BA

Senior Account Manager

Anna is a master of languages and a self-confessed travel addict! Her love for exploration began during her tertiary education, when she journeyed to both Italy and France while completing her languages and communications degree at Università della Valle d’Aosta and Université Savoie Mont Blanc. Being surrounded by international students meant that Anna gained an understanding of several languages, and she is now able to switch easily between English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Anna worked in events management, social media and marketing roles before joining kdm communications. She also completed her marketing communication and digital marketing communication qualifications through the CIM, as well as a master’s-level degree in business planning from 24ORE Business School. She currently fulfils her role as Senior Account Manager at kdm all the way from Italy, and she is completely immersed in the world of digital marketing and social media.

Anna always has a suitcase at hand – pre-packed, of course – and is ready to go wherever her work and fascination with languages takes her.

Rebecca Nordstrom,
BSc (Hons)

Senior Account Manager

Becca spent the first part of her career as a marine biologist. She studied marine biology, ecology and conservation at Anglia Ruskin University – obtaining a BSc (Hons) degree – and then spent five years in a marine taxonomy role. Her day-to-day work involved identifying and analysing macrofauna and algae in the lab, or getting very wet and muddy in the pursuit of marine and estuarine samples! It was only in 2015 that Becca jumped ship to join the exciting world of marketing, and she accepted a role as an Account Executive at kdm communications just over a year later.

Becca’s strong scientific background and knowledge of B2B marketing – gained through a CIM level 6 diploma in professional marketing – have made waves at kdm, leading to two promotions within the company and landing her in her current role as Senior Account Manager. Becca is now line manager to two Account Executives, and together they control several sizable client accounts, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Roche, Leica, Tecan, ELGA and ROMIL.

Becca’s love of the ocean even shines through in her personal life; she has a rescue dog that she very aptly named Ursula! She has moved house a few times since joining the kdm team, and therefore her spare time is usually spent doing up her home and learning to love gardening. She also enjoys sewing and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Emily Armiger-Welch,
BA (Hons)

Account Manager

Emily has a keen interest in the sciences and learning about how things work, even if her degree may argue against science! She studied philosophy and communications at Nottingham Trent University and, before working at kdm communications, spent a substantial amount of time as a receptionist, managing social media platforms and holding a senior administrative role. She also held a role in a publishing company – contributing to book cover designs, proofreading and writing book synopses – so she has prior experience in the world of literature and communications!

Emily has racked up some notable achievements while working for kdm, including awards for going above and beyond what was expected of her, managing a client’s filming day and handling the company’s own social media, internal newsletter and website. Her organisational skills and excellent communication and interpersonal abilities make her a valued member of the client portfolio team, and led to a promotion from Account Executive to Account Manager just one year after joining the company. She is due to embark on a CIM course this year to further expand her marketing skills.

When she is not in the office, Emily enjoys adventuring in nature, with a snow-dusted Aran Fawddwy being her most recent hiking accomplishment! She can often be found reading about the cosmos – black holes in particular – and spending time with her many cats.

Lauren Owen, BA (Hons)

Media Manager

Lauren graduated from the University of East Anglia with a degree in English literature, and is now Media Manager at kdm communications, expertly leveraging the power of digital platforms and advertising for the company’s clients. Prior to this, Lauren worked as a freelance social media manager, office manager and an English tutor for a local Cambridgeshire business, where she was able to finesse her communication skills, even helping one of her students to progress three grades in just five months!

Lauren joined the team as an Account Executive in 2022, which enabled her to fine-tune her skills in media management and planning, as well travel the world to meet clients in Germany, Finland and the United States. Lauren’s go-getter attitude and strategic mindset quickly propelled her to Media Manager, a brand-new role at the company that will grow its marketing capabilities and services. This journey is a testament to Lauren’s – and kdm’s – ability to adapt and excel in the fast-paced world of marketing, and she will soon undertake her CIM.

Lauren hasn’t quite left the world of literature behind, as she is still passionate about reading, and even set up the company’s very first book club! In her spare time, she can be found caring for her gorgeous new Dachshund puppy Woody, practicing yoga and keeping fit, or travelling the globe in search of sunnier skies.

Hannah Best, BSc

Account Executive

Hannah graduated from Anglia Ruskin University with a business management degree in 2022, and gained professional experience in several roles – both during and immediately after her studies – before joining kdm communications. She worked in sales assistant positions at Hobbycraft and Neal’s Yard Remedies, and as a client coordinator within the sales and marketing team at Thames Laboratories during her year-long university placement. In these roles, she assisted with visual merchandise and upselling, regularly communicated with clients, and gained experience in website and social media creation. She also gained a certification in the fundamentals of digital marketing through Google Digital Garage in 2020.

Hannah is exceptionally organised and highly motivated, and brings a close attention to detail and ability to work well under pressure to the client portfolio team. She relies on her excellent communication and interpersonal skills to build relationships with a variety of clients at kdm, and now manages a number of client portfolios, including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Roche and Leica.

Hannah has an extensive list of interests outside of the world of science communications, including a fascination with space, a hidden talent for baking and sewing and a love for fitness and exercise science, which led her to complete her fitness instructor certification. She is also currently pursuing her personal trainer qualification and, when she is not in the gym, she can usually be found cuddling her two dogs, Buzz and Bonnie.

Paulina Kwiatkowska

Account Executive

Paulina completed her level 2 media and level 3 journalism qualifications at Cambridge Regional College, where she was able to cultivate her passion for communication. Since then, she has explored diverse professional avenues, delving into roles spanning sales for Toyota, administration and even probation services, before beginning her journey in marketing at kdm communications in 2022.

Paulina is a fast learner and aspires to progress in her role as an Account Executive at kdm, where she excels at nurturing client partnerships, understanding their goals and delivering solutions to meet their specific needs.

Paulina is also an avid horse whisperer and spends most of her free time riding.

Liam Evans, BA

Account Executive

Liam recently graduated from Anglia Ruskin University with a BA degree in marketing. Before university, he volunteered to put on a local weekly radio show aimed at students, producing fun weekly segments, and presenting them live on air. This enabled him to refine his teamwork, research, communication, project management and analytical skills.

Following his studies, Liam took his first official steps into the science, technical and medical realm by joining the client portfolio team at kdm communications at the beginning of 2023. He brings a keen interest in social media and excellent knowledge of SEO to the company, and he can’t wait to grow his marketing expertise in his role as Account Executive.

Liam describes himself as an all-round nerd, and he enjoys a range of hobbies such as watching movies, reading books and playing tabletop games. He also plans to get back into Muay Thai boxing whenever he can find the time.

Chris Littley

Office Manager

Chris is kdm communications’ much-loved Office Manager! She has had an exciting and varied career, gaining plenty of experience spanning diverse industries before moving to kdm. Her professional journey began in the banking sector, and she later qualified as an adult education teacher, worked as a trainer for various companies and ran her own business for an impressive 13 years.

Now, Chris’ immense organisation skills and ability to juggle any challenge that the team throws at her – including a massive office move and clear out – have made her an integral part of the company.

She is a fitness nut and loves being active, particularly hiking. Travelling, gardening, devouring a crime novel or two, cooking and eating out are also big on Chris’ agenda, and she has even been known to run up an outfit or two on her sewing machine.

Patricia Banderas, MBA

Customer Relationship Manager

Patricia has around 15 years of experience working in various aspects of sales, marketing and customer support in both B2B and B2C companies within the life sciences and healthcare sectors. She started her career soon after graduating from her MBA, initially taking an entry-level position as a Junior Sales Associate focused on sales support and client interaction. Patricia acquired several official qualifications in the early stages of her career – becoming a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) among other things – and this allowed her to step up into more senior roles, overseeing teams and driving strategic customer engagement initiatives. From this diverse employment background, Patricia has built up a repertoire of skills in relationship management, problem-solving and strategic planning, making her the ideal fit for kdm.

Patricia’s role at kdm is to foster company growth and help ensure we are as successful as we can be. It is part of our company culture that we value our clients and prioritise their business needs at all times, so Patricia dedicates a lot of her time to maintaining our numerous current client relationships. Another large part of her job is lead generation – identifying and contacting potential clients to establish new connections and develop additional sales opportunities. Patricia achieves this in many ways, including conducting meticulous market research and holding in-depth conversations with industry leaders. She is a proud extrovert and strong networker who greatly relishes the chance to forge links with experts in different areas of science, technology and medicine.

When Patricia isn’t conquering the world of scientific marketing, she likes to unwind and take a step back from the fast-paced business world by travelling, soaking up some culture at theatres and galleries, and occasionally line dancing (although admittedly, coordination is not her strong suit). She’s also a self-proclaimed adventure addict and has recently taken up water skiing, insisting that a healthy dose of adrenaline keeps her young! Family and friends are crucial to Patricia’s mental health and help her to maintain a good work-life balance – we wouldn’t expect anything less from our resident philanthropist.

Owen Cowley

Financial Controller

Owen’s career began in education before taking a 180-degree turn into the world of finance. He completed a BA in primary education at the University of Roehampton in 2016, and held several roles as a learning assistant and teacher following his studies. He even achieved a level 3 qualification as a forest school leader at the Sussex Wildlife Trust!

It wasn’t until 2020 that Owen decided his skills could be put to better use as an accountant. He completed an apprenticeship-based level 4 qualification as a professional accounting taxation technician while working as kdm communications’ Financial Controller in 2022, and he remains in this role to this day. He is also currently studying an ACCA Level 7 Professional Accountant apprenticeship to further advance his expertise.

When Owen is not crunching numbers and analysing data, he can be found serving aces on the tennis court, or tending to the plants and vegetables in his recently-constructed greenhouse.

John Nagel

Finance Lead

John is kdm’s finance lead and he takes original client records and uses these to process year-end accounts and VAT returns, payroll, bookkeeping and software training. John also helps clients with management accounts.