Full-service life science marketing


Let us show you what we can do. We provide full-service marketing – in multiple languages – to clients all over the world, helping to expand your reach and get your message heard!  From video production to social media and SEO, we’ve got it all. We offer a host of marketing services across the life sciences, technical and healthcare sectors.


We start all our projects with a kick-off meeting to better understand your business objectives, target markets and the key benefits around your value proposition. We then work together to put the optimal mix of activities together that ties in with your overall marketing objectives. With a comprehensive plan in place, our clients draw on whatever services they need from us, be that content creation, video production and creative or media planning, or technical translations.


Let’s talk.

How will I know that my marketing activities deliver a good ROI?


We understand how important it is that your marketing spend delivers the optimal ROI. That’s why we set SMART objectives at the outset. Our campaign scorecards measure success criteria that we agree with you in advance so that you can be sure that each of our marketing activities gives you the best possible results.


What scientific marketing services do you provide?


kdm communications is unique in that we really do provide a broad host of marketing services, all under one roof.


Do you provide translation services into multiple languages?


A key part of our offering for some of our larger life science, diagnostic and healthcare clients is that we are able to offer in-house technical translation services. As we speak all the main European languages in house, we are also able to interview our clients’ customers, product managers, etc., in their native tongue. As a result, we are able to discuss technical subjects in great depth and produce better results.

Do you have qualifications in marketing AND science?


All of our Account Directors are in house, and are qualified CIM marketeers and PhD scientists. This hard-to-find combination means that our clients can have 100 % confidence that our strategic planning and tactical implementation will resonate with their often niche target markets.

Jane Wallett heads up our in-house writing team of scientists, with over 60 years of combined experience across the life sciences, healthcare, pharma and technical sectors. With PhD-level understanding, it doesn’t take us long to get up to speed with our clients’ products and services, and we are just as comfortable writing an in-depth app note, feature article or white paper as we are putting together a blog or interviewing one of your customers to write a case study.

And you’re creative, too?!


Our creative team enjoys nothing more than responding to a new creative brief for a product launch campaign, website overhaul, app or company rebrand. Our bread and butter is often based around the development of digital marketing materials, brochures, inbound campaigns, infographics, packaging, etc., but as a team we love to get together, fuelled by cake and coffee, for a brainstorm.

Our clients love the fact that our creative team is part of our in-house offering – it guarantees a strong visual identity and consistent visual messaging that will resonate with your target markets. Our videos are filmed and edited by our in-house team, using our own broadcast-quality kit.

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Our inspirational clients

Life sciences

We’ve been entrenched in science from the start, and love to talk to fellow scientists. We understand your markets and products and, more importantly, what matters to your customers. If you work in life sciences, from sequencing to spectroscopy, we can help you to convey the right messages.


Excited by the pace at which technology is evolving, kdm supports a great many clients across different technical sectors. We’re just as comfortable discussing the latest breakthroughs in nanotechnology as we are designing an eye-catching ad campaign for pioneering print technologies.


The medical world isn’t just about diagnostics and medical devices, it’s also about clinicians, infrastructure, patients and, unfortunately, funding. We appreciate the challenges of constant change and cultural differences, helping you to navigate the global healthcare maze.