kdm communications is a full service business-to-business marketing agency with international reach, specialising in life science, technical and medical marketing.

Strategic planning

Some of our clients don’t have the luxury of a large marketing department and value our input in putting their strategic marketing plan together, which we then help to action. Even those larger clients who do have a significant internal resource often like to involve us in their planning phase as they appreciate the benefits that including us in the early stages will bring. Planning leads to doing, and attention to detail is something we consider key to the success of any campaign. It’s also something we’ve become rather good at. That’s why we’re a successful agency and have worked with many of our clients for over a decade. They trust us, consider us part of the team, and can totally rely on us to get the job done and done well.

Design and branding

We build brands that your target market will believe in – sound brand strategy and our creative vision will inject your brands and campaigns with life, digitally, in print, in your ads and at exhibitions. We also make sure that the companies we work with talk about their brands with one voice – consistency of message will create a stronger brand position in the market. Drawing on years of experience across our specialist sectors, you’ll find us refreshingly different and your messaging will be bang on.

Digital marketing

A lovely all-encompassing buzzword, but what does it really mean? For us it means that lots and lots of your customers, and potential customers, will look online for information about what they want to buy or use at some point in time. This means that almost all projects we work on have a digital element.

Public relations

With a liberal sprinkling of PhDs on the writing and account management teams, we make it our business to understand your products and services, and of course, your markets. We have great relationships with the B2B press and are talking to the media on your behalf and publishing your news on a daily basis. Our excellent client retention rate stands testimony to our track record of achieving optimum editorial exposure for our clients via press releases, video testimonials, articles, interviews and press events.

Content creation

Add value to your brand by giving (yes, giving!) your customers content that is of genuine interest and helps them in their day-to-day work or solves a problem. They will engage with your brand in a really positive way and allow you to build a relationship with them. Let us help you plan, write, film and record your content, and then disseminate it through a number of different marketing channels. Allow your customers to access it directly at exhibitions, read it in industry publications, online, via social media channels, in printed material etc., and watch your sales grow!

Social media

To blog or not to blog? Is Facebook too B2C? LinkedIn or Twitter? Or both? kdm can help you navigate your way through the social media maze. In the digital world, content is king; we can both create the right content for your markets and disseminate it to the right people via the most appropriate channels. Watch your inbound traffic grow!

Media planning

Our media team has fierce negotiation skills and can manage your media budget wisely! We plan, schedule and buy B2B media for a number of different clients and are able to nail down excellent rates as a result. We also add value by securing various freebies from publishers such as free buttons and banners on their websites, good ad positions, free editorial, etc.

Video production

By managing the video production process for you, we can very competitively produce high quality programmes, whether they are training videos, information pieces, corporate overviews, customer testimonials or virals.