Scientific Video production

We love putting our creative sides to work, blending this with cutting-edge science to bring stories to life. Whether you’re looking for scientific video production or animations, we’ve got you covered. And we can even help with voice-overs or podcasts, too.

Scientific video production and animation


We have full broadcast-quality production facilities in house, and a ‘studio in a bag’ (or three!). So, our filmmakers are well used to getting in the car, or on a train or plane, to film on location. We are adept at filming in a range of sensitive and challenging environments, from operating theatres (human and veterinary), pathology labs, scanning rooms, live events and exhibitions to ambulances, helicopters and race tracks.


And while we’re filming, the day-to-day work of our clients, and especially their customers, almost always continues, so we are super-sensitive to the fact that often life-saving procedures cannot be interfered with or deferred and that patients must absolutely have their privacy respected.  Sometimes we have just moments to film on the fly or snatch a quick interview with a KOL, and our experienced team manages to do just that, capturing footage that we can then edit into compelling stories to share with your target markets.


Do your filmmakers understand the science?


Because our film unit is in house, it works very closely with our scientific writing and account management teams to make sure we have a full brief. We start by creating a storyboard for each project. Then, when we are interviewing our clients’ customers, we have a pre-approved question guide at the ready. These usually focus on product benefits but can get quite technical, so we make sure that interviewers are totally genned up on the science in advance. We will also script in full if necessary, and use autocue software to prompt the interviewees if this puts them more at ease. So yes, we do understand the science, it’s never dumbed down. And we make sure that it’s communicated in a succinct way that engages with our clients’ target audiences.


Bring ideas to life with scientific animations


Animations and 3D modelling software can take your audiences to places that video sometimes can’t. We develop a range of different styles of animations for our clients covering various topics, from launching products and how-to instructions to educational pieces and corporate overviews. If you’re considering an animation, get in touch. It’s a heck of a lot easier talking to an agency that understands the science of what you want to communicate than a bog-standard corporate animation outfit.


Share stories with scientific podcasts


The podcast is a great medium for communicating with your target markets, and allows more time to get into the nitty-scientific-gritty that delights the more technically-minded among us. We’ve been producing podcasts for our clients for a number of years now, in many different languages. So, we can help every step of the way. From concept and scripting through to recording and editing.


Do you only produce scientific videos, podcasts and animations in English?


The short answer is ‘no’! Many of our marketing videos are shot and edited in local languages. Some are then subtitled into additional languages too! Animations often simply incorporate words and music, others use voice-overs. We will frequently create several language versions of the same scientific videos for our multinational clients. We understand how important it is to make video content as accessible as possible for your target audiences.


The whole shebang – we do the editing too!


We edit everything we film in house in Final Cut Pro, and use Vimeo to preview and tweak. This gives our clients as much interaction with the project as they’d like – including direct contact with the editing team – and peace of mind that we are all up to speed with the brief and the final output. It also means we can turn things around pretty quickly if needed!

…and we’ve got a drone!

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