Social media across the scientific and healthcare industries


At kdm communications, our core mission is to amplify your brand’s voice within your field. A crucial facet of this is elevating how you are perceived across the social sphere. Our seasoned team of digital marketing experts specialise in curating, crafting and managing compelling social media campaigns that are tailored to the unique requirements of the science, technology, medicine, and healthcare sectors.


We pride ourselves on our ability to harness the power of various social media platforms to create engaging, SEO-optimised content. We’re here to drive your brand’s growth and engagement, from LinkedIn and Facebook to Twitter and the ever-evolving landscape of Instagram.


Why does social media rock?

Social media is a not-so-secret marketing superpower in today’s digital age. It’s an essential cornerstone of establishing brand identity, fostering engagement and expanding your reach. And for the scientific, technical and healthcare communities, the impact of social media platforms extends beyond mere interaction … it becomes a means to share insights, promote services and build credible connections within your network, as well as offering a dynamic space to engage your audience at an emotional level.


Our focus on organic growth ensures that each piece of content resonates authentically, fostering these meaningful connections that translate into loyalty and trust.


The #DreamTeam you’ve been waiting for

What really sets us apart lies in the power of storytelling. We are committed to crafting high quality, bespoke content that aligns seamlessly with your brand, not only educating but also captivating. Our strategy is centred on cultivating a high value following, ensuring that your brand is resonating with the right people.


By using our expertise in social media management, you can begin to infuse credibility, integrity and even a touch of fun into your online presence.

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  • Monthly analytics reporting
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  • Content creation
  • Bespoke imagery
  • Automated scheduling and posting
  • Hands-on, collaborative approach