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Digital marketing specialists


Our digital marketing experts can be relied upon to tune into your brand, and are on hand to assist you across all social media platforms. We develop and post search engine optimised (SEO) content, measuring engagement and actively helping to grow your feeds. And we can do this in multiple languages!


Perfect your SEO and reach a wider audience


All of our writers undertake ongoing training in SEO copywriting for social media. Google algorithms are constantly changing, so we make sure that we are as up to date as can be. This keeps our clients ahead of the game – and the competition.


How do I build my social media network?


At kdm, our focus for our clients is mainly across LinkedIn and Twitter. But now, Instagram is beginning to strike more of a chord in the scientific and healthcare community, for brand engagement and the marketing of our clients’ products and services.

Organic growth is key, and we do our level best to write valuable SEO posts and contribute to forums for our clients that will win them a high quality following. Again, this is not necessarily a numbers game. Better to have fewer high quality followers than a great many time-wasting non-engagers.

We create engaging, quality content that will add value to the experience your target audience has with your brand. Social media is about being social (aha, the penny drops!) and is a great space to engage at an emotional level. Done well, it will add credibility and integrity to your brand. And it can be fun!


SEO and website optimisation


kdm is not an SEO agency, but we can optimise the content on your website for SEO purposes. SEO goes far further than just copywriting, and we will happily bring in our partners, Liberty, to work with us on making your website as optimised as possible for your target audiences – we do the content (blogs, case studies, videos, animations, podcasts, etc.), they do everything else.

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