Our team is in constant contact with the global life sciences and healthcare media. This means we have excellent scientific press relations (PR) that we can use to boost your editorial coverage.


Scientific press relations


We have been in the business of scientific and medical PR since 1984. So many of the publishers – online and in print – are not only excellent industry contacts but also good friends. We have a fantastic track record of published content for our clients. This adds value to their marketing efforts, which would literally cost them millions had they paid for those column inches in advertising.


What kind of scientific editorial coverage can our clients expect?


Let’s take a new product launch as a good example. Here’s what we do to support scientific and medical press relations:

  • In addition to sending out a press release globally to a unique distribution list, we follow up with personal calls to selected editorial teams to optimise coverage
  • We scout for feature article opportunities, tying in with publishers’ topics planned throughout the year
  • We push our clients to ‘put themselves out there’, offering them up as KOLs in specific scientific and healthcare fields, and weaving in a relevant mention of the new product as a good example of your record of innovation
  • We’ll organise meetings at your booth with key press – a captive audience
  • We encourage our clients to showcase their clients – who are often KOLs in their own right – who are using their product, aligning them with their brand. KOLs are terrific influencers and can often grow a social media following overnight with a retweet or credible mention
  • We’ll look for speaker opportunities at life sciences, healthcare and pharma meets
  • We’ll tie the new product into other content – social media platforms, blogs, case studies, webinars, videos, etc.
  • We look for other opportunities to align your new product with newsworthy exposure, tying in with other breaking news


Boost your editorial exposure


In short, we’ll work to cover all channels, portals and publishers that your good news deserves. This will ensure you get the best possible engagement and publicity. Our fantastic client retention rate stands testimony to our track record of achieving optimum editorial exposure for our clients. And it’s all thanks to our fantastic scientific press relations.

  • Press conferences
  • Media interviews
  • Press releases
  • Feature articles
  • Media outreach
  • Media training
  • Editorial content
  • Product launches
  • KOL alignment
  • Speaker slots
  • Coverage reports
  • Media monitoring
  • Press events
  • Media pitching