Media planning for life science and healthcare


Our life science media planning team has fierce negotiation skills and can manage your media budget wisely! We plan, schedule and buy B2B media for a number of different clients across the scientific and healthcare sectors, and are able to nail down excellent rates as a result. Because we’ve been doing this for a while, we can recommend the right places – online and in print – where your target audiences hang out. These are often highly niche and may not have enormous numbers of visitors. BUT, they will be quality readers that are interested in engaging with your brand, which is crucial. At kdm, we choose quality over quantity, every time.


Where do you get your scientific and healthcare media intelligence from?


kdm maintains its own database of life science and healthcare publications and websites, which makes us fantastic at media planning! We augment this with data from Agility, as we occasionally reach out to related sectors that we may not know quite so well. We have found that this gives our clients the best of both worlds. The ‘bought in’ data is great, but we find that the scientific sectors can be a bit neglected and not kept as up to date as they should be. So, we do it ourselves! And, to be honest, it gives us a real edge over the competition.


…and who doesn’t love a freebie!


We also add value by securing various freebies from publishers. This includes free buttons and banners on their websites, good ad positions, free editorial and more. So, before you commit your six-figure spend with another agency, come and have a chat with us. We know our stuff when it comes to media planning.


  • Advertorials
  • Digital media planning
  • Webinars
  • Third-party mailers
  • List rental
  • Print advertising
  • Article placement
  • Media negotiation
  • Media fulfilment
  • Copy instructions
  • Banner advertising
  • Media recommendations