Integrated marketing

Many of our clients had previously struggled to outsource to an agency that could deliver a solid integrated marketing strategy. But we’ve got the solution – us! Using just one agency to develop your strategy, plan your campaigns, and deliver them, saves you time and makes your budget go further.


What is your integrated marketing approach?


Our integrated marketing campaign typically combines high quality written content and video for sharing with your target personas across a host of different channels. This includes on websites, social platforms, inbound, face to face at exhibitions and events, and in print. kdm is the perfect one-stop shop, having all of these capabilities under one roof. We start every new client relationship with a discovery meeting. Here, we use a range of tools to better understand your business and objectives. We’ll then work with you to develop and roll out your campaigns across your target markets.


How do I know if my integrated marketing is working?


At kdm, we can support you every step of the way, starting with defining your KPIs. After that, we work with you from the planning phase through to designing content and execution across all marketing channels. As we can handle your marketing strategy in its entirety, we can constantly track, monitor and report your KPIs. This enables us to make changes and optimise your campaign, to continuously improve your integrated marketing and ensure you get return on investment.


Bring consistency to your messaging


We strongly advocate a consistent approach to any integrated marketing campaign, where your creative flair and messaging hang together. Having this consistent voice and visual theme that your customers will recognise and respond to creates an emotional connection. This connection helps your target audience engage effectively with your marketing campaign and brand. And we make sure to tell your story through multiple channels, covering all bases, so your audience can find you.


  • Persona development
  • Build your message house
  • What’s your story?
  • Identify your USPs
  • SWOT analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Campaign scorecard development
  • Marketing audit
  • Marketing technologies