Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing for the scientific sectors


Attract…connect…engage…delight – at kdm we can help you do all four! We believe that a well-executed life science inbound marketing campaign will nurture your leads, change behaviours and encourage participation with your brand. This means that when your prospects are ready to make a decision, they will naturally come to you. What’s more, you can measure their activities every step of the way, tweak activities if needed, and get a full picture of your ROI.


How can I optimise my inbound campaigns?


We have an excellent handle on many different marketing technologies for inbound campaigns. This means we can work with you to set up and integrate activities, using your preferred platform to refine and improve your marketing activities. One of the great things about inbound is the metrics that can be used to ascertain whether a campaign is working. Much of inbound uses digital channels, so it’s quick and easy to split test campaigns or tweak them to ensure the best possible response.


Life science marketing meets inbound


And we love the scientific approach! As a scientific agency, choc-full of PhD scientists, inbound strategies tick all of our boxes. The trick to inbound applies across any industry, whether you are marketing for life scientists, clinicians or food scientists. The number one rule is to apply scientific rigour (apart from, perhaps, the creative bit!) and to develop content that will firstly attract the right kind of prospects (think nectar and honey bees), then give something of genuine value. Emotionally connect with your audience, or solve a genuine problem, and hey presto! You’re suddenly engaging with a new-found, self-qualified hot diggity prospect. And we can help with all of this.

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