Digital marketing

Clients need solid, well-thought through digital marketing strategies in order to best reach their target audiences and drive inbound leads. kdm’s digital marketing team delivers relevant content via a host of digital channels as well as media planning, PPC, remarketing, engaging content via social platforms and SEO.


What is your digital marketing approach?


We start every new client relationship with a discovery meeting. Here, we use a range of tools to better understand your business and objectives. We’ll then work with you to develop and roll out your campaigns across your target markets. Digital campaigns typically start by understanding your target audiences as well as possible using persona development or other profiling techniques. Digital strategies then combine on-message written content and video for sharing with your target personas across a host of different digital channels (websites, social and third parties), relentlessly executed SEO, social platforms and digital media.


How do I know if my digital marketing is working?


Kdm works with you to develop ‘campaign scorecards’ that feature selected (useful!) analytics and KPIs that will give the best indication that your digital marketing is working for you. We can constantly track, monitor and report your KPIs and tweak/optimise campaigns to ensure that they remain as effective as possible ensuring you get the return on investment that you are looking for.


Bring consistency to your messaging


We strongly advocate a consistent approach to any digital marketing campaign, where your creative flair and messaging hang together and adhere to your corporate guidelines. Having a consistent voice and visual theme that your customers will recognise and respond to creates an emotional connection with your brand and offering. And we make sure to tell your story through multiple channels, covering all bases, so your audience can find you.



  • SEO Content
  • SEO audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor analysis
  • PPC
  • CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • SERPs