creative design for life sciences

Design, branding and illustration for scientific audiences


Dare to be different. Differentiate. Delight! Understanding life sciences doesn’t always mean reading streams of text. An injection of creative design can often really lift a subject, and make it easier to grasp. Our creative team will ‘wow’ your target markets with distinctive brands and campaigns. This brand will create an emotional connection with your audiences, and communicate consistent messages digitally and in print.


Creative design brings your scientific campaigns to life


Good design will nurture your leads, change behaviours and encourage your prospects to make that all-important call to action. Sound marketing strategy combined with our creative vision will inject your scientific and healthcare campaigns with life, digitally, in print, in your ads and at exhibitions. We also make sure that the companies we work with talk about their brands, products and services with one voice. Consistency of message, both visually as well as in text, will create a stronger position in the market.


How does designing for the scientific sectors differ?


Scientific marketing is second nature to us. Mixing this with design for life sciences, healthcare and technology opens up a world of creative opportunity. We are a bunch of scientists, working, mostly, with and for scientists – but that doesn’t mean we are not people! We relish the fact that we are communicating your stories – albeit fairly technical ones! – both visually and via copy, in the most compelling way possible. We’re a results-driven agency and are motivated by ensuring that our clients can continue to compete in the fast-moving world of science and technology. Our best-in-class design means that your brands and campaigns will resonate with your target markets and stand out from the crowd.


Illustration for life sciences


Our clients love the fact that we have our own in-house illustrator. Their free-thinking illustrative skills mean that our clients are able to avoid the same old me-too stock graphics that so many agencies turn to as their first port of call. We use a combination of traditional and digital art formats, and are equally comfortable creating inspiring illustrations for print or digital use. If you need a fresh injection of creativity, get in touch – you talk, we’ll sketch!


Capture your story with our photography


Our videography team is equally adept at wielding a camera, for both scientific videos and stills photography. We spend a large amount of time out and about in various life science labs, hospitals and university departments, as well as in studios. Using your own commissioned images in your scientific marketing materials adds a layer of authenticity and integrity that is completely unachievable via the stock image route.


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