Marketing for biotechnology


The biotechnology sector has evolved at an unprecedented pace since the turn of the century, from the completion of the human genome project and invention of NGS to the development of genome editing tools and RNA vaccines. This has led to a commercial boom for the industry, with techniques and technologies that were previously only accessible by dedicated academic experts now available as easy-to-use kits and benchtop automated devices.


Finding your place in a complex market

New molecular tools and instruments are continually being developed and launched onto the market, each with its own unique capabilities and applications. Understanding how your products and services fit into this complex and continually shifting landscape, and – more importantly – how to convey their benefits to potential customers, can be a real challenge. Who should your marketing activities be targeting? Which applications/market sectors offer the greatest potential ROI?



Benefit from our biotechnology marketing expertise

kdm communications has 40 years of experience providing specialist scientific marketing services, so we understand how to operate in a continuously changing sector. From innovative new techniques to well-established technologies, we can support your marketing plan and bring your message to the people that need to hear it across:


• Biotechnology research and development
• Agricultural
• Industrial
• Environmental