May 5, 2021

Quality vs quantity

In my experience, quality always wins over quantity, and this applies especially to lead generation; 80 high quality leads is always going to win out over 800 non-starters. But in scientific marketing, how the heck can this be achieved?


As a life science marketing agency, kdm communications starts by understanding your audiences as best we can. A great tool to use is persona development. We profile individuals in your target audiences, and flesh them out – what are their daily objectives, how large are their teams, what is their spending power, are they decision makers or influences, what are their challenges, bottle necks and ambitions etc. This process results in an exceptionally useful deck of people to whom you can direct your marketing messages. And it might mean tailoring those messages for the different people.


And the result? More targeted marketing communications. More sharing of high quality scientific content. Better results from your inbound campaigns. More high quality leads. And a happy sales team!

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