July 24, 2023

kdm communications wins Scientific Marketing Agency 2023

kdm communications is the proud recipient of the South East Star Award of Excellence for Scientific Marketing Agency 2023. This accolade recognises the organisation’s drive to be continually innovative in a highly competitive industry, and deliver an outstanding quality of service, attributes which have earned the company its well-deserved reputation as a leading scientific marketing agency.


Established in 1984, kdm communications specialises in supporting scientific, technical and medical companies with marketing communications, and has a proven track record of delivering increased brand awareness and lead generation for clients all over the world. The Award of Excellence from South East Star recognises the value that the company’s dynamic outlook and flexible approach to emerging industry trends brings to its clients, helping them to stay ahead of the marketing curve. At the core of this success is kdm’s team of dedicated professionals – which includes scientists, marketing experts and creative designers from a diverse range of backgrounds – who deliver a unique service built on the foundation of strong scientific understanding. Operating across international borders, the team also offers an impressive array of language capabilities to provide a truly global scientific marketing service for more consistent brand messaging.


Annabel Sedgwick, Managing Director of kdm communications, commented: “We are thrilled to receive the Award of Excellence for Scientific Marketing Agency 2023, which recognises kdm’s unwavering commitment to the exceptional quality that our clients value so highly. Our dedicated team has been instrumental in this success, consistently striving to deliver a unique service that’s tailored to each client, built on the backbone of creative genius and scientific understanding. The company has gone from strength to strength over the last five years – embracing the power of digital marketing and emerging new technologies – and I’m excited about where the future will take us.”

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