September 28, 2021

JUNE Medical unveils the Galaxy II™ Slider, the most versatile surgical retractor on the market

JUNE Medical, an award-winning medical device distributor renowned for its game-changing self-retaining retractors, is launching the Galaxy II Slider – the most versatile retractor yet. The Galaxy II Slider is the world’s first adjustable self-retaining retractor to feature a sliding mechanism that allows surgeons to adjust the size to fit the width of the wound in situ. This makes the Galaxy II Slider an ideal solution for retracting tissue in narrow or hard to access operation sites, such as during hand surgeries, paediatrics or procedures on patients with a high BMI.


JUNE Medical is committed to providing products that surgeons find valuable, and developed the Galaxy II Slider in response to reports that standard size retractors may be more challenging to use on smaller anatomies, such as paediatric patients, or for patients with higher BMIs. The lightweight, self-retaining retractor weighs just 62 g and includes the revolutionary Cam lock system that allows for single-handed adjustment of the frame into position, and a sliding mechanism that can be securely locked into place at the correct width. This unique sliding mechanism allows surgeons to increase or decrease the tension to further separate the tissue while the surgical stay is in position, avoiding the need to reposition hooks, saving precious surgical time and resulting in fewer skin punctures.


Rianne Mahanta, Product Manager of JUNE Medical, commented: “JUNE is proud to launch the first ever self-retaining retractor with an adjustable sliding mechanism. This product is not only a fantastic addition to our Galaxy II range, but is addressing real world surgical problems. Although originally developed for narrow operating sites, the Galaxy II Slider is flexible and can be applied to a number of operations from hand surgeries to paediatrics.”


Angela Spang, CEO of JUNE Medical, added: “The Galaxy II Slider is another huge step for JUNE, demonstrating of our continual commitment to driving innovation and supplying functional products that are both practical and beneficial. This product is suitable for surgeries in any place, any shape and any position, making it truly the most versatile retractor available.”


Find out more about the game-changing Galaxy II Slider at


About JUNE Medical Group

JUNE Medical Group is an award winning medical device distributor with offices in the UK, USA and Sweden. JUNE Medical represents selected products from leading manufacturers, with the flagship product being the innovative and very popular Galaxy II self retaining retractor.

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