May 11, 2021

Ingenza receives grant from Eureka and Innovate UK to fund exciting bioengineering work

Ingenza is thrilled to have received support for its Unleashing Putida: Biobased Methacrylates for a Sustainable Future project with the award of a grant from Innovate UK and Eureka. This ground-breaking research is being undertaken in collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan, and Mitsubishi Chemical Methacrylates, UK, and aims to accelerate the commercialisation of Pseudomonas putida as a host for the biobased and sustainable production of methacrylates, making it a realistic alternative to existing fossil fuel-derived plastics.

The grant will support Ingenza as it builds on its 20 years of process development and scale-up expertise to create a commercially viable P. putida bio-manufacturing pipeline. This organism has the potential to become an ideal host for the large-scale production of biobased methacrylate, meeting the required performance criteria for organic product tolerance, productivity, operational robustness and feedstock conversion. With their extensive know-how, experts at Ingenza will use the funding to engineer an optimised P. putida strain and create a scalable fermentation protocol. In parallel, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation will engineer a high throughput cell sorting protocol for the reliable identification of superior cell performance, aiding the efforts of Ingenza’s researchers.

Dr Ian Fotheringham, Managing Director at Ingenza, commented: “This recognition and support from Innovate UK, NEDO and Eureka is vital for funding our goal of making large-scale, sustainable bio-manufacturing processes a true alternative to conventional fossil fuels. The development of a commercially attractive, large-scale production pathway for methyl methacrylate could be a game changer for the future of synthetic materials.”


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About Ingenza

Ingenza is a worldwide leader in the application of industrial biotechnology and synthetic biology, providing efficient scalable bioprocesses to manufacture chemicals, biologics, pharmaceuticals and biofuels, from sustainable sources. Its scientific and commercial activities are led by a management team with over 30 years’ experience in applied bioscience and the development and commercialisation of bio-based products. In addition to engaging in strategic partnerships to tailor its bioprocess services for clients, the company also licenses its proprietary bioprocess technologies.

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