June 12, 2020

Indecent proposal?

Well, not in our case …… there’s nothing raunchy about our proposals! But what we can promise you is a good read and a very thorough, well-researched response to your brief. Here at kdm communications we love to hear from prospective clients in the life sciences, technical and medical sectors with requirements that we can potentially fulfil.

We take great pride in our proposals and invest significant time in preparing them. After we’ve received the initial request, usually by phone or email, we follow up with further discussion to ensure we’ve got as much background information as possible and are clear on exactly what the client wants to achieve and who the stakeholders involved are. Then comes the detail- we have a great combination of marketing expertise and scientific minds at kdm communications, and put them all to good use thinking about niche application areas, suitable target publications, relevant features and opportunities for your marketing communications. We combine these into a comprehensive co-ordinated marketing plan and relish the opportunity to meet new faces and talk them through.

In our minds a proposal is a first step, a starting point if you like for a thoroughly decent future working relationship!

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