February 28, 2022

Ideas to reality

There are many reasons why clients come to us in need of creative support. Some are looking for a new identity for their company, reflected in the logo but also the choice of imagery, colour palette, high level messaging and straplines. Alternatively, the client may be planning to launch a new product, wanting a creative concept to run through all the collateral that will form part of their launch campaign. All of these projects are particularly satisfying as they incorporate so many of the strengths of the kdm team, marrying carefully crafted copy together with imaginative design to really bring the client’s vision to fruition and transform our ideas into reality.

Rebranding might be necessary because a company has grown and warrants something that reflects the new status or identity. If growth has been through acquisition, integration of the various brands can frequently be a challenge and this needs strategic thought so that it is clearly articulated, both internally and externally. Equally, a client may want to change the company’s positioning so that it can broaden its market appeal or reach new markets. Or it may simply be time for a refresh and an injection of new ideas; you may not realise it but even the most recognisable brands, such as Shell or Coca Cola, have been updated several times.

Launching a new product or invigorating interest in a current product is a great opportunity to develop a new creative concept that can be rolled out across a range of coordinated marketing collateral.

We start by listening and establishing exactly what it is the client is wanting to achieve. This may involve a subsequent workshop with the client to develop a brand house, with core values, key differentiators and positioning. Once we have digested the initial brief, this is communicated to the rest of the team in a brainstorm. Our discussions are a lot of fun, bouncing ideas off each other – you’d be amazed where some of the discussions can take us! The recent challenges of meeting in person due to Covid haven’t stopped us; we can be just as talkative on Teams.

Copywriting and design go hand in hand; the design team searches for potential imagery while the copywriting team simultaneously works on corresponding straplines and body copy to communicate the underlying message for each concept. These are then further developed as necessary, under the guidance of the account managers and directors. Getting exactly the right words can take a while and often requires several of us – in a strapline where there may only be three or four words, for example, every single one counts!

At kdm we specialise in the scientific, technical and medical market sectors, so many of our clients manufacture exceptionally technical, high performance products. You might be forgiven for thinking that the designs and concepts are usually dry and conservative, but far from it! There is still scope for being very creative or striking, grabbing attention and encouraging the reader to think. The brand house is our foundation, enabling us to focus on concepts that are true to the underlying values, the factors that differentiate the company or product from the competition and the benefits for customers.

We typically present several different concepts to the client; one or two that are more conventional, something that really takes them out of their comfort zone, and one or two in the middle ground. Design can be very personal and subjective, so getting the client’s initial reaction is always enjoyable and feedback can often be surprising. After some reflection, we collate the feedback and develop the final chosen designs. And of course we’re always there to help our clients roll out the new branding or concept across all their marketing collateral. There’s nothing more satisfying than bringing your ideas into reality.

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