January 10, 2021

Having a spring office update.

One of my many jobs at kdm is looking after the office and all the things inside it. This last year kdm has taken on four new people, but what does that involve for me in the office? New desks, new computers, more coffee!?


Our internal writing team has gone from a team of three to five, and we’ve found our two interview rooms just aren’t enough, so we’ve had the builders in and over Easter we have had two brand new interview spaces built. So, we can now run four interviews or conference calls at once. While this means kdm can run more efficiently as its workload increases, it also means I get to do fun things, like pick out paint, and flooring.


While we were at it, we decided to overhaul the ladies bathroom too, as most of it was still stuck in the 80s it’s nice to bring things up to date. I’m currently running internet searches for taps and mirrors.

We try to make kdm a fun and inspiring environment for the team to work in, from quirky wall art to our giant bean bags, this office caters for the fun side of work too.


Next time you come and visit us please feel free to ask me for a tour – I do love showing off the fun stuff!


If you want to find out what we do as a full-service scientific marketing agency, take a look around our website and see what we have to offer. There’s some fun stuff in there too. https://www.kdm-communications.com

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