October 5, 2021

Getting together again

Recently, kdm had their first in person training day in almost two years. It was the first time many of those us who have been predominantly working from home, if not entirely, had a chance to see each other and some of our new joiners had never met us at all. It really put into perspective just how special such days are, and how we used to take them for granted.


The opportunity to just take a day out, put the out of office on and get the whole team together to have some real fun is something that has been sorely missing in COVID times (sorry, Zoom calls just don’t match up to Segway races). Looking into the future, we at kdm are really looking forward to the world continuing to open back up in this positive direction, so we can continue to have those all important face to face connections. We are especially looking forward to doing this not only internally but externally as well. Events and networking conferences are the bread and butter of kdms social side. So keep an eye on our events tab to see where we’re looking to go in 2022 and come say hi if you’re around- or you can always drop us an email and we’ll see what we can arrange- even if it’s just an office visit if you’re ever in the area, we always have coffee and cake to offer (and maybe a Segway ride)

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