June 19, 2023

EuroMedLab, Rome 2023 and the ultimate focaccia sandwiches


Annabel Sedgwick


Thank you to Rome for hosting this year’s EuroMedLab. With many of our clients showcasing their latest technologies, and many fascinating discussions around digital marketing for clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunology, genetics and molecular diagnostics; it was an absolute pleasure to connect with individuals whose companies are focussing on emerging technologies and how they will impact laboratory medicine in the future. The exhibition venue also excelled in well-stacked focaccia sandwiches to keep us all going throughout the event!

AI is a hot topic right now, and machine learning in diagnostics will pave the way for a brighter future for many of us whereby AI will use big data for the development of personalised medicine and faster, more accurate diagnostics. There will be challenges around adopting AI for routine laboratory practice but there is a positive industry buzz around how we will address these hurdles together for the greater good.

Precision medicine took centre stage with presentations and panel discussions around the role of laboratory medicine in enabling personalized treatment and targeted therapies, ultimately revolutionising patient care. From a marketing perspective, there is an appetite for integration of ‘omics’ technologies into clinical practice and kdm communications is here to assist its many varied clients with digital marketing strategies to reach the decision makers who want to harness, for example, genomics, proteomics and metabolomics technologies into their solutions.

Many of our clients provide products and services around quality assurance and accreditation which is of critical importance in the clinical space. Discussing best practices and implementing standardised guidelines consistently should always be a key priority in delivering high quality laboratory services and ensuring patient safety. Many of the client case studies that we write and film support our clients in this space, where we develop content that they can share with stakeholders as part of their digital marketing strategies to encourage and model best practices.

I found it fascinating to reflect on how the latest in marketing technologies mirrors the latest in laboratory technologies – AI, best practice, using digital marketing to tailor messaging to niche target audiences in the same way that precision medicine is highly targeted, and the importance of rigour in measurement and monitoring performance.

With great sunshine, superlative scientific discussions and a genuine desire to network, this years EuroMedLab was undoubtedly a great way to spend a couple of days and catch up with clients – and I’ve now mastered the art of making a great focaccia sandwich back in the UK as well!

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