December 22, 2020

Does punctuation really matter?

In a word, yes! In a world where my pet hate, textspeak, seems to be taking over, the importance of correct spelling and punctuation appears to have been forgotten. So why does it matter? Take a look at these examples and all will be revealed.

  • Some people find inspiration in cooking their families and their dogs. Really? Not sure they’d taste too good! Written correctly, it should be Some people find inspiration in cooking, their families, and their dogs.
  • We’re going to learn to cut and paste kids. Poor kids! Commas matter.
  • Toilet only for elderly disabled pregnant children. Ever seen a child that is simultaneously elderly, disabled and pregnant?
  • And my personal favourite, Let’s eat Grandpa, which conjures up a vision of Grandpa on a serving platter! I think they mean Let’s eat, Grandpa. Add a comma and save Grandpa’s life!

So there you have it. There is no substitute for correct punctuation. Grandpa will thank you for it!

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