Account Manager discussing press relations and scientific marketing strategies at ACHEMA 2024, highlighting the importance of face-to-face interactions for media coverage.

Boosting exposure at ACHEMA 2024: press relations and scientific marketing

July 22, 2024
In a world dominated by digital communications – from email and instant messaging to video calls and webinars – it’s easy to overlook the power of in-person interactions. However, in the field of life sciences marketing, face-to-face meetings and...Read More
how to drive more traffic to your website

How to drive more traffic to your life sciences website

July 11, 2024
Generating traffic and building loyal audiences in today’s competitive digital landscape requires a nuanced approach for life sciences businesses. The oversaturation of content and websites has made it challenging to stand out and achieve top search engine rankings. To...Read More
marketing team discussing the marketing budget

A guide to allocating your life sciences marketing budget

April 17, 2024
Like many, I am prone to a new year’s resolution or two to kick start the year, and they generally tend to revolve around being a fitter, leaner me! We’re now hitting Q2 and marketing budgets are no different....Read More
Account Managers for a marketing agency

What does a marketing account manager do?

February 16, 2024
Putting on the account management shoes   The account management team is a vital part of any marketing agency, but what do team members actually do on a day-to-day basis? This blog will take you through a day in...Read More

2024 top trends for marketing in science

January 11, 2024
  Inspired by some commonly-asked questions by our clients in the life sciences and healthcare industries, we’ve identified three key trends for 2024 in scientific marketing.   Video marketing dominance Our clients are investing in video assets. And kdm...Read More
How to choose your life sciences marketing agency

How to choose your life sciences marketing agency

January 4, 2024
There’s a short answer and a long answer to this one. Let’s start with the quick one: Can they do the job? Will they do the job? Will they fit in?   And now for the longer one… I...Read More
content strategy services

Content strategy services

December 15, 2023
  Content strategies for complex science   Developing your content strategy for complex science Many of our clients face the challenge of communicating highly complex scientific content in an easily accessible format, and this can be for a number...Read More
Annabel Sedgwick is celebrating her 50th birthday

A scientific approach to life sciences marketing

December 4, 2023
The evolution of scientific marketing: A 25-year reflection So, I recently hit the milestone of 50 (at which point lots of lovely people reassured me that I don’t look a day over 49!), and it felt like the perfect...Read More
B2B video marketing

The role of B2B video marketing in the life sciences

November 9, 2023
The role of B2B video marketing in the life sciences   If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ll already be convinced that a strong and comprehensive digital marketing strategy is crucial to growing your life sciences business. In this...Read More
The Almaraz 1 and 2 nuclear power reactors in Spain

Transforming the nuclear landscape

October 9, 2023
  The world is currently striving to achieve net zero emissions, with nations and industries committing to reducing their carbon footprints in order to combat climate change. This global effort involves transitioning to cleaner energy sources – such as...Read More
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