November 2, 2022

Can scientific rigour apply to marketing?

Science and marketing may seem like two distinct biospheres, so you might find yourself questioning whether they can ever coexist – or even thrive – together? Here at kdm communications, we have a simple answer for you.


These two complex ecosystems are not mutually exclusive; they can be as deeply intertwined as the fairy lights wrapped around your Christmas tree, and a skilled, experienced agency can bring huge benefits to the diverse world of science marketing. The key is to apply a rigorous, systematic approach to all aspects of the marketing process, from first briefing call to post-project analytics.

“But how can this be done?” we hear you ask.

Well, as a highly adapted scientific, technical and medical marketing agency, we strictly adhere to our proven four-step process throughout every project we undertake for our range of unique clients. This may sound simple, but each stage is mandatory, and performing them in the correct order is crucial for a not only successful but also impactful campaign – much like the complicated lab protocols with which many of us are all too familiar!

Step 1: Listening
Insight, information and input from our clients allows us to understand the context, background and objectives of any project. A good ol’ brain-dump from your end is all that’s required – the vital first step.

Step 2: Thinking
This is where the inspiration begins. Our creative juices get flowing and we steer them in the right direction to formulate tailored, high impact campaigns that will resonate with your desired scientific markets.

Step 3: Doing
The tactical bit. Great ideas are just the start. Putting them into practice requires methodical planning, meticulous attention to detail, and non-stop proactivity. The kdm team all excel at each of these areas, delivering your life science marketing campaigns on time and on budget.

Step 4: Reviewing
Measuring the long-term impact of your public relations activities is equally as important as the planning. This feedback includes quantitative figures for returns on investment, and more subjective evidence. It’s foundational for us as well as our clients, as we strive for continual improvement for each and every project we complete.

What comes next? The process begins all over again – that’s the life cycle!


kdm truly is a rare pioneer species, the specialist marketing agency. Whether it’s an inbound campaign, improving SEO, direct marketing, managing your social media platforms, creating original and compelling scientific content, or even designing an entire website, we’re proud to fill this important ecological niche.

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