January 25, 2022

Bring in the new year with a puppy and bite-sized science

I may be MD of kdm, but I am quick to jump in and remind members of the team – and indeed clients – that I am, in actual fact, not a scientist. I lack the degree level scientific rigour, insistence on evidence, consistent application of methods, and deep-seated knowledge that so many of the kdm team have nailed. And perhaps because of that, I look for a little something scientific in the more mundane everyday stuff that I can get my BA-educated head around.


Recently, our lockdown puppy who, on two legs, towers over me at 6ft (not much puppy left in him!), was subjected to a session with the dog whisperer – or Malcolm, as he probably prefers to be called. Hello dog psychology, dog biology, dog genetics and dog behaviour. And amazing it is too. Think like a dog and you can predict their (almost) every move. In a two hour session, we remapped neural pathways, discussed teenage hormone surges, separation anxiety, diet, sleep, the wonders of citronella spray, castration (ouch!), and the perils of allowing your dog on the bed. Ever.


Malcolm has a great many letters after his name, makes regular appearances on the radio and TV, and boasts an impressive list of happy customers. Like so many great scientists, he understands the importance of communication, and can relay highly complex dog science into bite-sized pieces that are understandable, digestible and accessible to the non-expert. We can learn from him. Here at kdm, we (as in the wider team!) often find ourselves communicating bite-sized chunks – usually the benefits – of our clients’ highly complicated, often patented technologies to key audiences. They may well be scientists too but, like me learning from Malcolm, they still appreciate clear and concise communication of the need-to-know stuff, with access to the more technical data if, as and when they choose to explore it. Preferably with a furry friend on their lap and a cuppa at their side.


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