28/11/2018 Kdm Communications

Blacktrace expands its presence in Japan with new office in Kanagawa

Blacktrace, a world leader in Productizing Science®, has increased its presence in Japan by opening a new office in Kanagawa and doubling its sales team, help the company to meet increasing demand from the biology, chemistry and microfluidics sectors. The expansion elevates the Japan sales team’s ability to support customers working in the rapidly growing area of single cell genomics. Blacktrace’s newest brand – Dolomite Bio – is a key technology provider in this field, where its Nadia Instrument is helping to accelerate disease research and drug discovery in areas such as oncology and neurology.

 The microfluidics and flow chemistry markets are also experiencing year-on-year growth in Japan, and the additional customer support will ensure that Blacktrace’s other brands – Dolomite Microfluidics and Syrris – are well positioned to meet this demand. The new Japanese facility will enable the company to host workshops and in-person meetings, solidifying relationships and providing stronger on-premises local support.

 Kozo Hori, Regional Manager of Blacktrace Japan, explained why the expansion is a positive move for the company: “We are delighted to be accelerating our presence in Japan to meet the growing demand in the region. In particular, we are looking forward to supporting the single cell community with Dolomite Bio’s Nadia Instrument.”

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 About Blacktrace Holdings Ltd.

Blacktrace Holdings Ltd., a world leader in Productizing Science®, is headquartered in the United Kingdom with sales offices based in the United States, Japan, India and Brazil. Blacktrace exploits its leading capabilities in product development, manufacturing, global marketing and sales through brands that address customers with common needs. The current brands of Blacktrace are Syrris (chemistry tools), Dolomite Microfluidics (microfluidic solutions), Glass Solutions (glass manufacturing) and Dolomite-Bio (high-throughput single cell research products).

 Productizing Science® is the subject of translating scientific discovery and invention into commercially successful products and services.

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