November 9, 2023

The role of B2B video marketing in the life sciences

The role of B2B video marketing in the life sciences


If you’ve read our previous blogs, you’ll already be convinced that a strong and comprehensive digital marketing strategy is crucial to growing your life sciences business. In this blog, we’ll focus specifically on B2B video production and its integral role in a successful marketing plan.


The rapid rise of video

Video consumption has skyrocketed in recent years, going hand in hand with the growing popularity of social media, and relevant, high quality video content is becoming increasingly more valuable to audiences. In fact, an estimated 82 per cent of all internet traffic consists of video views, with over two thirds of people turning to video as their primary source of information.1 The vast majority of internet users now watch digital videos on a regular basis, sometimes spending up to 17 hours a week watching online content.1 YouTube alone has over 2.5 billion users worldwide, making it the most popular video hosting platform in the world, and giving businesses easy access to a global base of potential future customers – something that would have been deemed impossible not so long ago.1 These striking statistics show how a B2B video marketing campaign presents companies with the opportunity to take advantage of video’s growing popularity and benefit from the huge demand for fresh content.

There are a few reasons behind this surge in popularity.

  • Videos are more engaging than written text as they combine visual and audio content and can be highly personalised.


  • Videos trigger an emotional response and allow customers to interact with a brand personally – this feedback is inherently validating.


  • Video is a quick and easily digestible method of communicating highly technical and educational content and appeals to non-specialists.


  • Scientific videos and animations can convey detailed information in an entertaining and memorable way, in a fraction of the time needed to read an entire article.


  • We tend to remember videos better than text, creating a positive mental association and solidifying a company in a customer’s memory.


Looking at all these aspects together, it’s perhaps no wonder that video significantly influences consumer buying decisions in the B2B space, making science video production an ideal marketing tool for life sciences businesses seeking to rapidly grow their customer base and revenue.


Tapping into new client bases

But how exactly does a B2B video marketing strategy work? First of all, well-crafted scientific videos can help to raise general brand awareness within the industry, establish the company as a trustworthy thought leader, and improve engagement among existing customers. They’re also powerful and flexible tools that can be applied at different points of the marketing funnel to target additional customer segments not accessible via traditional static imagery or written content alone. Video also provides a way to overcome common buy-in barriers such as complex purchasing decisions involving numerous stakeholders. It’s frequently the case that while one team member is fully convinced of your company’s prowess and capabilities, their colleagues still need some extra persuasion before committing to the partnership. B2B video marketing is often key in these situations, and can help to bring these individuals on board one by one in a short period of time, removing the roadblock to embarking upon a new partnership.


Bringing the customers to you

Video marketing can also strengthen your company’s other marketing efforts and contribute to SEO by creating backlinks that drive traffic to your website. The promise of a new, short and helpful video is highly appealing to readers and often increases email click-through rates. But don’t just take our word for it; the statistics speak for themselves.

  • Over 90 per cent of businesses now use video marketing strategies, leading to an average increase in organic website traffic of 76 per cent.2


  • The use of video has been shown to increase landing page conversions by over 80 per cent.3


  • 93 per cent of companies are now gaining new business leads as a direct result of posting branded video content about their products and services on their website and social media channels.1


  • Surveys have shown that the revenue of companies applying video marketing grows 49 per cent faster than that of companies that haven’t yet invested in B2B video production.3


A comprehensive B2B video marketing strategy  

Choosing the right platform for sharing your video content can also greatly influence the success of your strategy, so it’s incredibly important to establish clear buyer personas and goals before deciding where to post your videos for maximum impact. Collecting and analysing data to monitor metrics such as coverage, engagement and click-through rate are equally as important as all the pre-production legwork, as these insights enable businesses to identify specific target audiences and improve their marketing strategy in the future.

The rapid explosion of video has permanently changed the B2B marketing landscape, and online video has become the fastest-growing digital channel in terms of advertising expenditure.4 Life sciences companies of all sizes must also make the shift toward video production in order to satisfy prospective clients and remain competitive. Partnering up with a B2B video marketing agency with extensive and varied scientific, technological and marketing expertise is crucial for implementing a robust video production strategy, and it makes sure that your new content stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Whether you’re announcing a recent discovery, product launch or upcoming event, or spotlighting an amazing customer testimonial that showcases what you do best, get in touch with us at kdm communications to see how we can help you launch a high impact B2B video marketing strategy.


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