Who are we?


kdm communications is a scientific marketing agency that continually produces engaging and creative content across multiple industries. Established in 1984, we’ve worked across many scientific disciplines, and offer a winning combination of scientific understanding and marketing expertise.


Looking for brand development or creating technical content? How about showcasing your customers to tell your story? You’ve come to the right place.


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Working at a strategic and tactical level

We can work with our life science and healthcare clients to create a scientific marketing schedule with a tactical rollout and pride ourselves on bringing a wealth of experience, relevant knowledge, creative flair and the odd bit of constructive criticism to the table.


Power up your communication

Strong communication is key to effective scientific marketing. We make it our business to build your brands and communicate them in compelling ways, tuned in to your target audience. As technology has changed, so has communications, and we have embraced the digital marketing era, helping our clients take advantage of the new channels available. Because we do this every single day, we’ve become quite good at it, so get in touch and let’s see what we might be able to do for you.

Unrivalled linguistic capabilities 

With unrivalled linguistic capabilities in house and partnerships with like-minded agencies, we are able to offer truly global scientific marketing services, ensuring consistency of message across several continents at any one time.


Multidisciplinary scientific expertise

We delight in large grey boxes full of patented technology and product lines drenched in IP. Every day we surround ourselves with clients that excel at all things technical, medical, mechanical, scientific, industrial, diagnostic and digital. We are just as happy to work with small start-ups or huge multinationals, and you can always rely on us to deliver on our promises. That’s why many of our clients across the life science and healthcare industries have worked with us for many years. Why not see what a scientific marketing agency can do for you?