16/01/2019 Kdm Communications

A u-turn on my opinion of scientific marketing

It’s easy to not realise the importance of scientific marketing and the services that a specialist life science marketing agency can offer. Less than six months ago I was working in a lab and had no idea about the world of scientific communications. Since joining kdm, I have learnt how valuable marketing and PR really is, and how the work of the account teams and the writing teams really does make a difference to company’s brand awareness, sales and growth.

Thinking about it a few months ago, I assumed marketing was done in house for the science industry; I thought the idea of using a marketing agency wouldn’t work for science because of how technical the industry can be. Now I completely understand – having a team of scientists that understand the sector, and with specialities in different topics really gives companies the best service they can get.

I used to highly undervalue what a marketing agency can offer science, but now I can’t value it highly enough.

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