December 4, 2023

A scientific approach to life sciences marketing

The evolution of scientific marketing: A 25-year reflection

So, I recently hit the milestone of 50 (at which point lots of lovely people reassured me that I don’t look a day over 49!), and it felt like the perfect time to reflect on my 25-year journey in scientific marketing. When I started out, marketing exuded glamour and creativity, with a focus on the latest quirky ad campaign. Creative advertising is, of course, still important, but it’s now just one element of the well-stocked arsenal of marketing tools we have at our fingertips. The sexy appeal of marketing is no longer about the creative directors (sorry Matt!) but more about the KPIs, the stats, the cost per lead, the ROI and the number of marketing qualified leads – and rightly so. Today, the most successful approach to scientific marketing is itself highly scientific; it’s analytical and data driven. However, the real skill lies in taking the time to choose and analyse the right metrics, and using that information to fine tune campaigns and improve them.

Empowering brands with advanced marketing solutions

This is something we do every day for our clients here at kdm. We are a driven – and a results-driven – team, and we take advantage of many different marketing technologies and platforms to increase brand awareness and generate leads for our clients. Remaining at the forefront of marketing tech is at the heart of what we do, and it means that the scientific and technical content that we create for our clients reaches the right audience. Over the next 25 years the marketing landscape will continue to evolve, but I truly believe that the experienced and skilled individuals who know how to best use digital marketing technologies will always be more important than the technologies themselves.


And, if the world really keeps progressing, maybe I still won’t look a day older than 49 when I’m 75!


Annabel Sedgwick


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