April 28, 2023

A move in the ‘write’ direction

Aimee Fuller: Technical writer

In the rich English language, the word ‘movement’ describes a fluid action, a transformational change, a musical symphony, or a rapid progression of events. It can also refer to an evacuation of the bowels – an event that one encounters surprisingly often when your job is to encourage physical activity in the chronically ill. I respect and admire healthcare professionals who selflessly give their time to provide patients with personal and medicinal care, but as a physio-come-writer, I have strayed away from stool charts and catheters in search of a more creative role.

I left my first graduate physiotherapy post just over a month ago, with a surge of self-doubt and a hint of apprehension, to pursue a career that was – according to those around me – unconventional. After all, aside from lengthy dissertations and last-minute university assignments, the only time I had put pen to paper in months was to hastily scribble down patient notes. My skills lay in mobilising limbs, auscultating chests, and issuing zimmer frames, not eloquently describing laboratory assays and workflows. However, the incredible team at kdm welcomed my somewhat rusty writing skills with a warm embrace and open mind.

Writing in the health, science and technology spheres enables me to cash in on my years of learning and my love of language, while elevating my personal development and job satisfaction. The course of each day as a technical writer is a unique challenge, and entails writing journal articles, creating press releases, producing blogs, or composing social media posts. As my fingers flutter across my keyboard to generate each assignment, my confidence as a writer – and my self-assurance in my choice of occupation – grows. And, at the end of the day, when I switch my mind from science to leisure, I have the time and energy for an evening rugby game, a gym session, or a catch-up with friends.

During my physiotherapy training, I was taught that movement is medicine. It has become apparent that my progression from rehabilitation to copywriting was indeed an advantageous, remedial and rewarding career change – a move in the ‘write’ direction.

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