November 16, 2022

A day in the life of a Technical Writer

Alex Borrelli

My first two months at kdm communications have flown by! And what a joy it has been. And what a joy it has been. I have been delighted to join the writing team family – their witty puns mean that few days have passed without me giggling at my laptop screen from the comfort of my flat. Writing was new for me on joining, and there is a huge variety in what I might cover in a single day. From voiceover scripts for videos announcing new laboratory equipment, to editorial articles on the future of a technological industry specialism – there is never a dull day. I have already learnt the many dos and don’ts, each client’s tailored preferences, and the fast-paced nature of agency work. Reading and writing all day means that I’m constantly learning, fostering the knowledge to implement each successive piece of work.

My favourite parts of the day are the internal and external meetings. Working remotely means it’s more important than ever to have those breaks in the day where we can see that we are, indeed, real humans. A particular treat is when there is a crossover with another side of kdm – that may be organising a webinar with an account manager, or refining the scientific labels of one of our design team’s images. My dinky little flat seamlessly adapts from being my own yoga studio in the morning, to a quiet and cosy office for focused attention during the working day. I jump from job to job as each one finishes and the next comes through, making edits after feedback reviews, all the way until it is time to close my laptop at the end of the day. And graciously, the writers are always on hand for a quick writing tip, or a supportive witticism to calm any worries! If the first two months are anything to go by, I am sure that I will develop and learn throughout my time at kdm.

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