07/12/2017 Kdm Communications

Simplified financing enables energy savings

Energise is delighted to launch its new service product, Energy Management – Simplified, in association with its annual energy conference. Simplified is set to improve the uptake of energy efficiency project implementation, supporting companies that are looking to introduce energy and carbon saving measures by bringing together Energise’s expert consultancy services with the financial backing of DLL Group, part of the Rabobank Group. The combined package tackles the problem of access to upfront capital, one of the major obstacles preventing companies from taking steps towards increased energy efficiency.


The arrangement is simple to understand. A company can approach Energise to identify financial and energy savings, and to secure finance from DLL1 to cover the cost of implementing the changes. Crucially, the product is designed so that the realised energy savings can be used to fulfil the fixed payments required in the finance agreement, not to mention that the company enjoys the full financial benefit of reduced energy bills once repayment is complete.


In addition, there are no repayments until the projects are implemented and energy savings begin, and the Energise guarantee2 promises to return consultancy fees if the savings targets are not met. It’s hard to fault the simplicity of the scheme, as well as the solid business case to engage with the service, and Energise has already received significant interest in its offering.


For more information, please visit www.energise.com or contact Client Solutions Manager Robert Ford at r.ford@energise.com


1 Subject to DLL approval, conditions apply.

2 Performance guarantee is exclusively between Energise and its client and does not involve DLL Group.