06/09/2017 Kdm Communications

School’s back!

It’s that awesome time of year again; the kids are going back to school, and parents can breathe a sigh of relief. It’s been a very long six weeks for some of us here, packed full of family holidays, day trips, picnics and dragon boat racing.

And it’s felt like the busiest time of the kdm year.

We all love to enjoy a well-earned holiday, but for everyone else left in the office, a reduced team can result in an increased workload and tighter deadlines. However, we always pride ourselves on our quick turnarounds without compromising quality, and we love pulling a last-minute job out of the bag to make our clients happy. Having said that, it’s good to get to the end of the school holidays and back to normality.

Outside of the office, life can sometimes seem just as busy. Altogether, the kdm family looks after 11 children, two horses, three dogs, nine cats, 14 pigs and 140,000 bees, with a couple of chickens, geese and ducks thrown in for good measure.  So, as we send all of our little monkeys back to school for a new academic year, we can settle into autumn feeling a little less frazzled.

A highlight of the summer months was the St Neots Dragon Boat Race, which raises money for local charities. kdm put forward a completely inexperienced team and after a short training session –  attended by only half the crew – we were feeling fairly nervous; some of the other teams had been racing for years! The day of the race arrived, and we couldn’t believe the amazing turn out and local support from the town, including all our little monkeys shouting encouragement from the sidelines.

The kdm team had a great amount of fun, and managed to avoid capsizing and losing oars, although we all experienced a fair few sore muscles over the next day or two. Of the 20 teams taking part, kdm fruit loops came in 11th place, which was pretty incredible for a bunch of first-timers. We want to say a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who sponsored us and came to cheer us on.

Go #kdmfruitloops! Watch this space for #kdmfruitloopsreturn2018.

Love Sophie xxx