05/09/2017 Kdm Communications

New Rapide Strata™ short cycle regeneration deionisers from Veolia Water Technologies UK

Veolia Water Technologies UK (Veolia) has launched four new Rapide Strata™ short cycle regeneration deionisers, offering flow rates from 2.5 to 60 m3/hr. The extended range provides users with greater choice around flow quantities and more compact solutions.

The new Rapide Strata™ models – 23+ 32+ 45+, 60+ – are intended for industrial applications with large high purity water requirements, allowing a single system to meet demand. Their unique design offers total generation times from 35 to 80 minutes, depending on the model, and saves up to 40% on operational and wastewater costs compared with conventional deionisation systems.

Developed for maximum operational flexibility, the deionisers can operate in duplex mode to enable continuous water production and increased capacity, with a choice of continuous, intermittent or zero recirculation. Each unit is supplied as a skid-mounted, standardised system to ensure short lead times, quick installation and rapid start-up, and an intuitive human machine interface (HMI) makes every Rapide Strata™ unit simple to operate. Continuous conductivity monitoring is combined with an auto service shut-off and alarm to ensure water quality is maintained and the new units are all compatible with Veolia’s cloud-based monitoring tools, making it easy to access and manage your water treatment systems.

Rapide Strata™ deionisers are aimed at a wide range of industrial markets – from petrochemical and power to food & beverage and automotive – and are already in use across many organisations, proving a popular choice with process engineers, operational managers and project managers.


For full details of the Rapide Strata™ product range visit: https://www.veoliawatertechnologies.co.uk/products/rapide-strata?utm_source=PR0783&utm_medium=PR&utm_term=Rapide%20Strata