14/03/2018 Kdm Communications

Is your site secure? Google knows.

You might have noticed that when you visit different websites some urls begin with HTTP and others with HTTPS. The ‘s’ at the end is not insignificant, and indicates that communication between your browser and the website is encrypted and secure. For this reason alone, it makes sense to ensure that your own website is secure.

However, if you need extra motivation to make an investment, Google has just provided it. From July 2018, Google’s Chrome web browser is going to warn users if they are visiting a non-secure website. While this may not deter people, it represents another hurdle that prevents prospective customers visiting your site. Is it worth the risk?

In addition, Google uses HTTPS as a ranking signal in its search algorithms. While it carries less weight than high quality content, for example, why not do everything you can to make sure that prospective customers discover your website?

So here’s some advice – before July 2018, get in contact with your website design company and ask them to help you make the switch from HTTP to HTTPS. We think it’s well worth the investment.