13/12/2017 Kdm Communications

How do you make a glass bottle interesting?

It’s December, and Christmas is a time for sharing, so here’s a story we thought you might like.

We recently came across something that was truly remarkable at Lab Innovations 2017.

It was creative, it was innovative, it caught our attention…

…and it was really simple.

The set-up involved two magnetic stirrers and two bottles containing coloured beans and water. One bottle was ‘normal’ and the other had internal ridges.

The visual impact sold the product.

On the left-hand side, the beans spun round and round without mixing.

On the right-hand side, the novel bottle design caused the beans to bobble and weave, in and out, until they were truly dispersed.

The spectacle stood out among the surrounding stands, thanks to a little thought and effort from the company rep. And it didn’t cost a bean!

It’s easy to talk about creativity, and it can be difficult to achieve. But sometimes it’s as simple as two bottles, lots of beans and some water.