10/01/2018 Kdm Communications

Blue Monday marketing

Monday the 15th of January will (apparently) be the most depressing day of 2018 – Blue Monday. This marketing campaign was the creation of Sky Travel, who submitted a press release in 2005 claiming the discovery of an equation that could predict the most depressing day of the year. It took into account a whole number of variables, including debt, weather, and motivational levels. The equation looks impressive enough, but is undoubtedly, unequivocally and unambiguously unscientific.

However, Blue Monday can teach us a lot about marketing.

  1. Blue Monday connected with people and their experiences. Who doesn’t feel a little out of sorts during the bleak midwinter?
  2. Blue Monday was easy to remember. Lots of companies have got on board with the concept, handing out freebies and engaging sympathetically with their customers.
  3. It’s a catchy hashtag and has spawned multiple others. Even the Samaritans have launched a #BrewMonday fundraising campaign.

While we would never endorse using false science to substantiate your claims – The Guardian complains about it here and here and here – we heartily celebrate the creativity and novelty factor that Sky Travel created. Thirteen years on we are still moaning about Blue Monday – and Sky Travel keeps getting a mention.

That’s marketing that sticks.