31/01/2018 Kdm Communications

Are you using the right micropipette?

INTEGRA Biosciences is helping researchers to improve pipetting efficiency and ensure reliable results with a recently published guide to choosing the right micropipette. Split into three main topics – reliable results, efficiency and ergonomics – it looks at the main considerations when selecting a pipette to best meet the needs of your application.


As a leading provider of high quality laboratory tools, INTEGRA understands the varied demands and requirements of life sciences and medical laboratories. The guide distills the company’s in-depth knowledge of liquid handling for numerous applications into clear and easy-to-understand explanations of the factors that need to be considered to ensure reproducible results and streamlined laboratory processes. From air versus positive displacement to multi-channel and electronic pipettes, it takes you step by step through choosing the right pipette for your workflow, as well discussing the potential benefits of features such as multi-dispensing and low pressure tip loading.


Visit https://www.integra-biosciences.com/en/news/are-you-using-right-micropipette to read the full article and enhance your pipetting performance. You can also take part in our quiz and have the chance to win one of our great prizes.