Annabel Sedgwick

Managing Director
With over 20 years of experience in B2B marketing, Annabel brings both strategic and creative thinking to the table. Surrounding herself with PhD scientists and marketing experts, she has strengthened kdm’s offering over the last 16 years: an energetic agency with international reach that combines scientific understanding with marketing nouse, delivering integrated campaigns to clients across life sciences, medical and technical industries all over the world. Annabel doesn’t really ‘do’ spare time – two children, the dog, ducks, veg, chickens, cats, bees and pigs keep her family pretty busy at home on her small-holding in the heart of Cambridgeshire!

Sarah Khan

Account Director
Sarah left the world of lab research back in 2004, with a PhD in immunology from Imperial College tucked firmly under her belt, in the search of something more dynamic and exciting. Now an account director with over ten years of experience in B2B scientific, medical and technical marketing communications, she marries together a wealth of scientific experience and knowledge with a wide range of marketing expertise in order to understand each clients’ specific requirements. She has a love of sports (most), food (lots of it), dancing (anytime) and her Disney-loving children (all the time)!

Sarah Ballard

Account Director
Sarah’s background is in embryology, having gained a PhD in London and then several years’ experience as a postdoc in Sydney. After returning to the UK, she quickly realised that she was more interested in the communication of science rather than working in the lab herself. Sarah has been at kdm for 13 years, first as account manager then account director, so she understands her clients’ needs and knows their markets extremely well. She has built strong relationships, handling whatever her clients throw at her to deliver projects on time and within budget, and exceeding expectations wherever possible. She has also got married, had two children and moved house twice in that time.

Jane Wallett

Head of Copywriting
Nearly 22 years of copywriting at kdm means Jane can no longer read books, look in shop windows, watch television credits and ads, or even open her post without proof-reading the world. Her burgeoning OCD extends to hobbies too, planting tulips in a row and getting quite cross when stray wild flowers of the WRONG colour invade her garden borders. She attributes her varied workload, talking daily to fellow scientists whether they’re clients or customers (in English and German), and our close-knit kdm family to keeping her sane. Jane is a bit of a mad cat woman, loves chocolate and rugby, and is planning to move house quickly without a forwarding address once her third child goes to university – two down, one to go!

Sophie Woodward

Office Manager/ PA to Managing Director
Sophie has been with kdm for over ten years and is affectionately known as the ‘kdm glue’ bringing all these masterminds together and doing everything in between, from looking after everything and everyone in the office, to supporting our impressive marketing team with absolutely anything. She can normally be found behind a heater, under a desk, talking, telephoning, typing, tweeting, texting and ‘twerking’ to BBC Radio 2.

Jan Le Mière

Technical Writer
Hailing from the land of milk and potatoes (Jersey, in case you were wondering), Jan is only kept around for heavy lifting. Combining a background in biochemistry and biotechnology with an (un)healthy obsession with taking things apart to find out how they work, he is equally at home talking to our clients and their customers about automotive design or educational toys as he is about molecular biology or clinical diagnostics. Outside of the office, Jan’s interest in horsepower (engines and, indeed, horses), means that he spends far more time outdoors than is advisable in the British climate.

Annette Ginn

Technical Writer
Having grown up in Newmarket, it was perhaps inevitable that Annette would adopt a career connected with the racing industry – putting science into practice to develop new drug screening methods to help beat potential horse dopers! After 28 years in the laboratory, acquiring a chemistry degree and a pharmacy PhD along the way, a change of career beckoned and, today, this combination of in-depth knowledge and practical experience is put to good use writing technical and marketing material for clients across a broad spectrum of scientific fields. Away from the office, any spare time is likely to involve playing sport, country walks with the dog or pottering in the garden – ground elder will be eliminated somehow!

Olivia Taylor

Technical Writer

Olivia – Liv for short – joined kdm as a writer, putting her thorough biomedical understanding, lab experience and quirky sense of humour to good use. Liv’s degree in medical genetics stood her in good stead before she moved to a lab-based role in the quality control of proteins. She spends the majority of her free time outdoors in all weathers, despite always being cold and often burying herself in up to eight layers of clothing. You’ll find her in her element when covered in mud and hay, either competing with her two horses or looking after her rescued battery chickens.


Ashleigh Rushton

Technical Writer

Coming soon!

Audrey Jestin

Account Executive
Audrey is our French speaker and originally came to England 13 years ago for a gap year to improve her English. But plans changed when she met her other half in a pub! A self-confessed travelling addict, Audrey has travelled across the USA in a VW campervan, lived in Australia for a year and went bag packing across south-east Asia for few months. Previously, she worked in the licensing industry, dealing with Star Wars™, Minions and Teletubbies merchandise for seven years, until she wanted a career change and decided to enrol herself on a marketing course. Audrey is now a busy mum of two and undertaking a grand design project in her house!

Hannah 420

Hannah Wallett

Account Manager
Hannah is kdm’s resident zoologist, having studied International Wildlife Biology then Endangered Species Recovery and Conservation before joining the team. With her academic experience covering everything from diving in Borneo and tracking in South Africa to the development of field-based genetic testing methods, she combines a broad understanding of the needs of life sciences sector with the analytical and organisational skills necessary to get things done – accurately and on time. When not in the office or flying off to visit zoos around Europe – often several at a time – she is an avid fan of sports (it really doesn’t matter what, as long as it isn’t football) and that other favourite kdm pastime – shopping!

Becca Quine

Account Manager
Becca completed her degree in Marine Biology, Ecology and Conservation in 2009, and became a marine biologist. Specialising in marine taxonomy, her days were spent identifying marine and estuarine macrofauna and flora, and going on the occasional survey, which is not as glamorous as it sounds! She is also a Joint Nature Conservation Committee accredited Marine Mammal Observer. After five years of surveys, taxonomy and microscopes, she decided it was time for a change, hung up her ID guides, and moved into the exciting world of marketing. Becca’s spare time is now filled with doing up her new house, and learning to love gardening – all tips are welcome!

Becca 420
Annette B 420

Annette Barnard

Account Manager
Annette’s way into communications took a few detours. Having finished a degree in intercultural communication, she embarked on a Master’s degree in economics, hoping to make sense of the world’s financial markets. This journey took her from Germany to South Korea and on to the UK, where she decided to settle – at least until she can convince her husband to move somewhere sunnier! Annette joined kdm after working in the media industry for several years, and feels she is finally able to combine her organisational skills (aka a love for to-do lists and Excel spreadsheets) with her passion for communicating. Annette’s bucket list consists mainly of travelling the world, and one of the highlights so far has been seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland.

Debra Colvin


Debra originally trained as a classical singer before moving into the finance department of the London Symphony Orchestra. She followed this with 16 years at investment banks Credit Suisse and UBS in Middle Office control functions. When not working, Debra can usually be found in her large garden and, in the summer, camping in France. Annabel concluded she’d chosen a most suitable employee when Debra let slip that she keeps a spreadsheet detailing the contents of her two freezers!


Matteo Borghi

Coming soon!

Lisa Garner

Graphic Designer

Coming soon!


Anna Corniani

Project Manager

Anna is a self-confessed travel addict! It started at uni where her Language and Communications degree took her to both Italy and France and then the UK and her beloved Cambridge for the following years. Being surrounded by loads of international people has been a really good exercise to keep Anna’s brain in permanent over-drive and she is able to switch easily from English to French to Spanish and German and back to Italian.  Anna is currently based in Italy and immersed in the world of digital marketing and social media. She always has a suitcase at hand (pre-packed of course), and is ready to go wherever her work and fascination with languages takes her.

Matt Rowe

Graphic Designer

Matt has been in the industry of 2d and 3d visualisation for over 15 years, working on national and international projects, and successfully devising integrated B2C and B2B strategies. His experience has covered design for a host of clients, including Sony, Vivendi, De La Rue, HP and Gartner in the private sector, and several government agencies in the public sector. Matt’s spare time is spent being beaten by his son at chess and Fortnite (at the same time), walking their three rescue dogs (they take him…) or trail running up a mountain, just for fun (apparently!).

MattR-420 (002)

Steve Keane

Consultant Creative Director

Steve graduated from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Communication Design, and has 20 years’ experience in digital design and UX. An award-winning, driven and diversely experienced design lead, Steve is guided by a belief that technology drives innovation and user-centred design makes it successful. He is highly focused, inspiring and challenging, and sets high standards for his work. Formerly creative UX design lead at Thomson Reuters, Steve is now an adept start-up collaborator, and continues to produce highly original design solutions.

Kaz Yokoya

Technical Writer

Kaz began his career with genetics and biotechnology degrees, and he has since held roles as a molecular geneticist, a virologist, a developmental neurobiologist, a conservation biologist, a microbiologist, a personal trainer and a full-time copywriter at kdm, although not necessarily in that order. His jack-of-all-trades approach to life continues outside of work, keeping busy with go-kart racing, gardening and obstacle course racing, training in taekwondo with his son, as well as mulling over another martial art to take up with his young daughter. Kaz is also fluent in Japanese, and is VERY fond of pizza and crisps.


Sheona Khan

Technical Writer

Sheona’s previous career as a speech and language therapist points to her love of vocations that marry communication and medicine. After nearly 20 years specialising in neuro-rehabilitation, in clinical and managerial roles, the lure of being her own boss and working from home led her to freelance medical writing (well, that and being able to stay in your pyjamas all day obviously!). Away from her laptop, Sheona will be found telling her three kids to get off screens, pounding the muddy fields with her Labrador around her home in Warwickshire, or singing in a local pop/rock choir.

Colette Szarka

Technical Writer

Colette worked for more than 30 years, mostly in science and medical marketing communications, before turning freelance to do more of the things she loves, including researching and writing, as well as sewing and gardening. Cicero nicely sums up Colette’s two main passions – “anyone with a library and a garden wants for nothing” – but she’s also a keen hill walker, loving the amazing views in Wales, Derbyshire and Shropshire, and definitely preferring the downs to the ups! With two grown-up daughters close to leaving home, one question remains – how to switch to her ideal location, a beautiful Tuscan farmhouse!