Four step process

kdm communications is a full service business-to-business marketing agency with international reach, specialising in life science, technical and medical marketing.

4 step process

How we work

Insight, information and input from our clients is key to understanding the context, background and objectives of any project. A good old braindump from your end is all that’s required – the key first step.

And then we get inspired! Brainstorming and letting the creative juices flow, overflow, flood and then steering them in the right direction. We come up with high impact campaigns that will resonate with your markets.

The tactical bit. Great ideas are great, but putting them into practice requires excellent planning, attention to detail and proactivity. kdm does all of these things really, really well, leaving no stone unturned, delivering your campaigns on time and on budget.

Measuring the impact of your campaigns is getting easier these days, especially on the digital side; and this feedback – along with ROI and more subjective evidence – is key to getting the next planning phase right as our four step process begins again.