12/12/2017 Kdm Communications

A day in the life of a marketing executive

It’s Wednesday the 1st of November. It’s 6.45 am and, even with the recent clock change, it’s cold and dark outside. I busily pack the car for my 80-mile road trip to Lab Innovations 2017 in Birmingham, and make sure that my flask of tea – the most important accessory – is nestled in the cup holder.

It’s only 8.30 am when I arrive, and there’s already a flurry of activity on the show floor as exhibitors make last minute touches to their stands. I make my way to the organiser’s office – my home for the next two days – to start working on social media, which is already bursting with tweets, pictures and posts. I start to work my way through everything, replying to people, liking their comments, and sharing a countdown timer to the doors opening.

10 am comes round before I know it. I grab my iPad and head to the front gate before the show begins and the doors open. As visitors arrive, I explore the exhibition, taking photos of stands, theatre presentations and the exciting equipment on display, and then immediately upload the pictures for the world to see. Just before 1:00 pm, I make my way to the Royal Society of Chemistry theatre to listen to the keynote speaker Adam Rutherford, who will be starting his presentation shortly – it’s one I don’t want to miss! He’s talking about his life as a scientific advisor in films, and his presentation is sure to draw in the crowds, so this will be a great talking point for social media.

The afternoon goes by in a blur of Twitter posts, until the tannoy announces that it is 5 pm and the show is closing for the day.  With that, I shut down my computer and head for the door. It’s time to find my hotel and get a good night’s rest before it all starts again tomorrow!